Friday, April 11, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Shoe Fetish Spring/Summer '14 Report

BLOG POST is up on Virgin Radio

It's also posted right here (cuz who wants to click?): 

Last week, on-air I chatted all about the hot shoe trends this spring/summer.  Well, I figured I should give you some examples of these footwear trends and a few tips on how to wear them. 

1. Ankle-Strap Pumps
What are they? Ankle-strap pumps means a pump with…well…an ankle strap (I am so awesome at describing things, right?!). 
Who should wear them? These shoes cut your leg at the ankle, figuratively of course.  So, that means that legs will appear shorter and thicker which does not bode well for gals with shorter or thicker legs. 
How to wear them?  This is the ultimate ladylike shoe. Pop them on with a perfect summer party dress or wear them with boyfriend jeans and a white T for the ultimate rock 'n roll girly vibe.  

2. Mules
What are they?  Mules are shoes that you simply slide your foot into. 
Who should wear them? These shoes definitely have a weighed-down feel to them.  While they don't cut your leg line, they do attract the eye because of their heaviness. I would avoid them if you are not particularly in love with your ankles. 
How? Wearing them with something streamlined and simple can elevate what I think to be a fairly unattractive shoe. 

3. Sheer Shoes
What are they?  Shoes with sheer paneling made out of plastic or fabric to give that peek-a-boo effect. 
Who should wear them?  Everyone. 
How should you wear them?  These shoes are inherently sexy so I would pair them with outfits that stay on the sophisticated side to achieve fashion balance. 

4. Summer Boots
What are they?  Boots that are heavy enough to still be called boots, but have elements that make them summer-appropriate. 
Who should wear them? If you are on the shorter side (like me!) this will not necessarily help your wanting-to-be-six-feet-tall cause. 
How should you wear them? I love matching these guys up with the pinnacle of summer for me with a flow-y short floral baby doll dress.  Long hemlines can also be cute: A long light skirt with a jean jacket or grab a pair of short jeans shorts, a silk tank and a boxy blazer for a great sexy/relaxed look. 

What is your favourite summer shoe trend? How will you wear them? I am just so happy it is starting to feel like warm weather is here...add in shoe talk and this is one happy blogger! 



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LKISStyle: L'Oréal Professionel Hairchalking With Me and Nikki B

In case you didn't catch my LKISEvents post on hair chalking (, I had another chance to play with this awesome temporary hair colour with Nikki B on the FashionFix at Virgin Radio!

Check it out: 



Monday, April 7, 2014

LKISStyle: Chatting Statement Necklaces on Global Montreal TV

Statement necklaces are the epitome of accessories for me.  
I chatted all about it on Global last Thursday and took host Camille through some of my favourite local Montreal-based brands: Le Chateau, Betty Ray, Tova and Micalla

Wanna know all about statement necklaces? (I know you do!) 
Well, here is the clip!



Thursday, April 3, 2014

LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, Designer Dog Accessories


And, right here for ya: 

Fashion accessories are my favourite, but enter a new obsession…my dog…oh, and dog accessories. 
It started with my mother falling madly in love with a tiny toy yorkie named Bailey.  Shortly thereafter he was coming home and was to enjoy shared custody between me and mom (how modern family of us).  

And, what happens when you fall in love (and I do mean actual adoration) with your puppy? As a stylish person, you end up wanting to buy stylish things for your dog. 

Now check out my first total awesome accessory that was given to me by Sir Barkley, a custom dog bed company: 

I got to pick the colours and fabric and have his name embroidered on the bed.  Needless to say my little prince was looking mighty satisfied with his new digs. 

That got me to thinking: What other over-the-top dog stuff is there for my pup?  And where could one find it (only theoretically of course!)…

First stop dog bowls: What about a Bottega Veneta woven dog bowl?

 Or for the interior design minded, a wooden block-based dual dog bowl. 

I freaked for this totally ridiculous Swarovski covered dog bath from

While a pink bath might be (ahem) too over the top for my male dog…I am not going to lie, he is definitely sporting a Swarovski covered collar as we speak.  
I know, I know. 

And, while this isn't in the cards for me (at all), designer dog carriers are also a dime a dozen (that expression should probably be a few billion dimes a dozen, in this case). 

 So, I can officially say, I am on the puppy-crazed bandwagon.  Is it because I love accessories?  I imagine that has something to do with it, but mostly, I love my dog. 



Thursday, March 27, 2014

LKISEvents: On Virgin Radio, World Mastercard Fashion Week, F/W 2014, The Scene

My POST on the Scene and WMCFW is up on VIRGIN RADIO

It's also right here!

Every year, I definitely learn a few things at fashion week.  
Whether it be new and interesting approaches to style,  tips on the industry or lessons in life, there is always something new and interesting to take in during this marathon of fashion and parade of personal style. 
So here are my lessons learned at this World Mastercard Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

1.  Sometimes being black or white on things is the way to go (especially if you are the gorgeous Toronto socialite, Ainsley Kerr): 

2. Go where the wild things are (like blogettes Leesa Butler in her fab fuzzy footwear and Noelly Sam in her man-eating millenary). 

3. Embrace your circumstances (loved this Spring-inspired flower headpiece despite the negative numbered temperatures). 

4. Make sure to listen actively (especially if you are wearing the most awesome ear-adornment EVER). 
 5. Be fresh (like model Stacey Mckenzie, who rocked lime green and bright orange fur accessories like nobody's business). 

6. Fabulousness begets fabulousness (just take a look at front row-made-friends the Beckerman Twins, Elisha Cuthbert and Jeanne Beker). 

7.  Always show your support (tooting a big old horn at your friends fashion show would definitely be a good example of this). 

8. Be grateful (not too hard when you get oodles of great shwag from Maybelline, NeoStrata and Redken). 

9. Fashion is always better with friends (And, I can totally vouch for that when I get to sit front row with one of my absolute faves, Biko Beauttah). 

Well, the week is over but the best thing about fashion week is there is always another one just around the corner!

See you next season, 



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LKISEvents: World Mastercard Fashion Week, F/W 2014, The Fashion, Day 4 and 5

What a whirlwind! Fashion week is done and I am beat! Day 4 and 5 of World Mastercard Fashion Week were filled with fun fashion from sumptuous furs, to brawny fisherman, to sex-kittenesque womenswear.  

Here is my take on the last two days at the tents: 

(All photography courtesy of Paul Ross, Opique Photography- he is a rockstar btw!) 

Farley Chatto's furs are not going to win any PETA awards, but man were they luxurious-looking going down that runway.  The coloured fur was a bold touch and fur for nuptials was an interesting twist (fur that special day...get it ;)). 

Think: New England fishing town...but really cool and attractive.  I loved the rustic feel that managed to live alongside a sense of sophistication.  A total highlight was the quilted leather pants that looked hot in all senses of the word. 
Sporty outerwear is never going to blow my doors off, but I have to say that I loved the softer pieces that came out in the most delicious neutral tones for Fall/Winter.  My favourite combo?  Cozy greys mixed with lavender, which was utterly feminine. 
Day 5 was the dress day for me at World Mastercard Fashion Week, and Narces kicked off the trend.  Shimmery shifts, bandage-style cocktail dresses and loads of girly embellishments (lace, beading, sequins) made for a barrage of options for the young lady who "just has nothing to wear." The short hemlines were abundant and the body-conscious silhouettes definitely indicated a veering towards a younger clientele.   
Va-va-voom was all anyone could think of during this collection. Sheer cut-outs, high-waisted hot-pants and cinched blazers all oozed sex-appeal.  I have to say that the finishing on these garments was beautiful and the pop of bright pink was a welcome addition to a typically darker season.  
This show was totally up my personal alley. Boxy shoulders, flow-y but, assymetrical (short in front long in back) dresses and an utterly appealing colour palette made for a bunch of stuff that was both original and wearable...The black finale dress (pictured first, from left to right) had my name written all over it...figuratively, of course. 
Alright, so there you have it.  
World Mastercard Fashion Week is done and to be honest so am I (fighting a cold at the moment!).  
Tomorrow on Virgin Radio I will be writing up all the fun style seen off the runway so be sure to check it out! 



Friday, March 21, 2014

LKISEvents: World Mastercard Fashion Week, F/W 2014, The Fashion, Day 3

Day 3 of World Mastercard Fashion Week was a big day.  Major names and up-and-comers in Canadian fashion all graced the runway. 
The most obvious theme on this day was wearability- there was nothing that would blow the doors off, but there really was something for everybody. 

Here is my take on the shows on Day 3: 
(All photos courtesy of Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

Christopher Bates has officially graduated to the big leagues and you don't have to take Fashion Week's word for it: This designer (and personal friend) has been garnering a lot of attention.  Construction, silhouette and taste levels were high at the menswear show...and I positively loved the leather jacket (Make one for girls, Chris? Please?). 

I worked retail a whole bunch a million years ago and I clearly remember merchandising this line! And so seeing GSUS Industries on the runway was a fun throwback to my retail days.  Alpine-inspired prints and great fitted blazers were highlights of the show. 

Quintessential femininity is synonymous with Pink Tartan and this season was no exception. Dramatic fur accents, full leather skirts and spectacular shoes (they were loved by a fellow-show-goer) gave it an edge (albeit still completely sellable) that I appreciated.

This show seemed to lack the fun that normally emanates from this powerhouse retailer.  The fresh faces were at times somber and the aesthetics seemed to follow suite.  Pops of orange did add some energy and pretty prints will no doubt translate to sales, but I missed the quirky wink-wink I have come to expect from Joe Fresh. 
This collection truly captured the essence of Fall. Crop-tops, Tartan plaid and quilted leather all made for fabulous fashion fodder.  My favourite were the down pants...coulda' used those this winter! 
Day 4 and Day 5 will be ready for your perusal next week! 
As for me, it's almost time to get ready for the last day!!  
See you on the runway,