Friday, November 20, 2015

LKISStyle: How to Dominate Holiday Gift-Giving, my top tips on being the best present-getter ever!

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I am one of those weirdos who loves buying presents for the holidays.  There is something so uniquely satisfying about finding that perfect item that you just know your giftee is going to love.  Don't feel the same way I do? Well, I think I am in the minority, as I know a million people who find gift-shopping totally annoying, overwhelming and cumbersome. 

So, here are my five foolproof tips on great gift-giving! 

1. First tip is head to Indigo
Seriously.  This once book-only spot now carries some of the best and coolest gift items and there is something for everyone. (and ps: they are having an online only sale of 15% off regular merchandise from November 19-22, using HOLIDAY15 at checkout!)

2. Buy something inherently cool. 
My example is the Ernest Hemingway Collection at Indigo because it's classic, interesting and universally applicable. Things that combine the intellectual, the new and the stylish will get you that I love this gift-receiving smile. 
2. Get something personalized. 
No time to monogram? No worries.  Items featuring people's names, astrological signs, birth stones, birth flowers, all say "I thought about you" but don't actually require too much thought in advance. 
3. Make it Functional and Stylish: 
A great notebook or a cool travel bag, something with some real practicality that also has an element of fashion will kill two birds (not literally) with one gift-giving stone. 
4. Find a Hobby or Interest: 
Have a tea lover in the family?  Know someone who is the hostess with the mostess? Tap into your giftee's favourite pastime to ensure that you are grabbing a gift with mega-appreciation potential. 

5. Skip sizes: 
Hats, bags, slippers....anything that requires no sizing is the perfect gift to give to someone a little more distant (colleague, secret santa recipient, that cousin you never met before). 

Alright, you are ready to elbow your way through the holiday gift-shopping experience. Now, if only you didn't also have to wrap them...

Friday, November 6, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My 5 Fave Mega Fashion Boot Trends This Winter

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Winter is creeping up on us, which means boots, right?! Well, there are some major boot trends for fall that make that rather depressing statement almost tolerable.  Add in all kinds of cool renditions of these trends, and we have the makings of some fashion fun in our footwear. 

My partner in fashion-on-the-radio-crime, Andrea Collins, and I hit Aldo in a major way and checked out all boots that are there for the winter-taking (those are her cute feet on the sound board in the middle!). 
After scoping out our favourites, I managed to narrow it down to 5 must-have boot trends and tons of Aldo examples for cozy fall feet that are also so fashion.  

1. Shiny Disco Ball: 
A touch of metallic says festive (whether it's holiday time or not). Metallic studs add a bit of blinged-out rock 'n roll, a mirrored heel says luxe lounge lizard, or try full on metallic for a bolt of jazzy outfit lightening. 

2. Seventies Soul 
The seventies is a big trend right now...I know, I know, you have already heard it a ton.  Mix in fringe, neutral suedes or snakeskin to hop on this mega-trend bandwagon. 

2. Take a Hike: 
It's like every season we get one shoe trend that is a shocker because it is just so darn practical, how can it also be fashionable? Enter the hiking boot, with all the promise of hiking a mountain without throwing out the notion of style. 

4. Heavy Tread: 
Thick, rubbery, heavy-tread soles are so on point this season that you barely even notice that they are also ideal for tackling that unfortunate puddle. 

5. Going Thigh High 
Flat, platform, or even stiletto, thigh-high boots are the best answer to keeping those gams warm and extra-sexy even when you need to start to bundle up. 
Winter is just about to be at our door, but that doesn't mean we can't step out and style, to boot. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

LKISBeauty: My Kerastase FusioDose Treatment

Did you hear?! 
Tailor-made is the new luxury.  Well, at least that is definitely the truth when it comes to the in-salon Fusio-Dose treatment by Kerastase

I headed to the Brennan Demelo Studio in downtown Toronto to experience this treatment first here's the deal: 

This treatment has a new range of 4 concentrates and 5 boosters that can personalize 20 Fusio-Dose combinations.

Concentré Pixelist Intensification of radiance
Concentré Oléo-Fusion - Instant nutrition and softness
Concentré Vita-Ciment - In-depth Reconstruction
Concentré Densifique - Immediate Densification

Booster Brillance - 5 times more radiance
Booster Densité - The fiber is intensely texturized
Booster Reconstruction - 50 % less breakages during brushing 
Booster Nutrition - 3 times more nutrition
Booster Discipline - 72-hour anti-frizz, 72-hour smoothness and anti-humidity

I headed to the sink to have my hair washed (oh, and a head massage to-die-for, btw). 

Then we picked strength (in-depth reconstruction and nutrition) for me.  I have pretty bleached out hair, and dryness and breakage is always my problem, so that is what we decided to address. 

The process of mixing together the personal treatment was extra science-y and cool and then it was time to apply it to my hair and let the magic happen. 

 Then a blow out to demonstrate the actual work the product was doing and the picture doesn't do the post-silkiness I was feeling any justice. 

I was super-impressed by the results and, honestly, at how quick and easy it was to actually see and feel those results...I was feeling the strength! 

Tailor-made hair as the new luxury definitely sounds (and feels) good to me. 



Tuesday, November 3, 2015

LKISObsession: Designer Alert, Mega Fashion Crush on Robert Wun

Sometimes you come across a designer and it's like, wham!, I am smitten as a kitten. Enter Robert Wun and I am just dying. Part kimono, part architectural project, part artful expression, it has all the movement layer and textures a girl (specifically, this girl) could ask for.  I would literally wear any of these pieces alone or mixed together for that ultimate high fashion statement that does all the talking for you.  Obsessssssssssed. 

Here are a few pieces from this season's collection and I cannot WAIT until I can actually purchase on his site. 

Do me a solid, and also note the awesome-sauce shoes (available at These next few pieces are from S/S 16. 

Is there anything better than fashion-falling in love? I don't think so Mr. Wun, I don't think so. 



Monday, November 2, 2015

LKISShops: LA, The NastyGal Store in West Hollywood

It's no secret that I love  The brainchild of now celeb author and #Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, it is like the best of both worlds for me: A entrepreneurial female fashion success story and an amazing place to shop online. When I headed to LA a couple of weeks ago, I NEEDED to go check out the latest adventure in this style empire, which is their bricks and mortar version (meaning actual store) in West Hollywood (which is just soooooo perfect). 

The displays did not disappoint. 

Cool outfits already merchandised and styled were interspersed with wardrobe essentials and unique pieces. 

There is always a dark kinda vibe to Nasty Gal and their store, while bright and appealing, definitely still gave off that rock 'n roll I-don't-give-a-f*ck attitude. 

Leather and metallic details and dramatic black were a common theme. 

And did I mention the shoes? Well, I was definitely contemplating making multiple shoe purchases by the end of my visit. 

Edgy lingerie was also on display, as well as oodles of accessories and of course, Sophia's book was up for grabs. 

Despite my preggo status, I managed to find a couple of perfect edgy LBDs to try. 

While the baby bump prevented my actually purchasing, the real coveted item I saw was a flat circle studded moto jacket that definitely would have gone home with me if it were a few months from now. 

The pricing was out of control reasonable (just like the site) and it was so fun to see a physical manifestation of one of my favourite online shopping experiences. 

It's like West Hollywood come to life in there and I can't wait to go back. 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LKISEvents: Lunching on the Runway With San Pellegrino

Last week was a worldwind of fashion and style at World Mastercard Fashion you can imagine how happy I was when I was invited to sit down and dine on the runway for a special San Pellegrino luncheon on Friday. 

We walked in to the most gorgeously set table: 

My seat was waiting for me (and they even modified the menu to suit my pregnancy-infused hatred of everything from the ocean!): 

Some of the highlights from this multi-course feast? A tomato carpaccio appetizer and a chocolate bomb dessert that made everyone swoon: 

We were there celebrating the unique combination of fine food, style & San Pellegrino which culminated with this special edition bottle created together with Vogue Italia

Add in a few very full blondes and you had the recipe for the perfect lunch. 


Friday, October 23, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, World Mastercard Fashion Week Round Up, Trend Sneak Peak for Spring/Summer 2016

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It's yet another World Mastercard Fashion Week and here are a few fun facts about this bi-annual event that I thought we should all take note of: It celebrates Canadian fashion, it is the third largest fashion week in North America, and most importantly, it gives us all a sneak peak into what is going to be hot come next season. 

So, here are some of the mega-trends we can expect to see once we get past this whole winter thing...Talk about a head start!  
(Photos courtesy of Opique Photography

1. Summer Leather
Wearing leather despite warm weather is basically a given if you go by what was strutting on the runway, like these pieces from Pink Tartan and Mackage

2. Total Head Game
Hair wow-factor will definitely get amped up with fun, playful and girly accessories, like the amazing headbands spotted at Lucian Matis and the rainbow-adorned side-part at Hayley Elsaesser

3. Floral Drama
Florals for Spring/Summer may seem really obvious, but think of this as florals on style-steroids. Texture, colour and oversized patterns, like these pieces from Lucian Matis (pictured left and middle) and Narces (right), make for a seriously blooming statement. 

4. Minty Fresh 
I love pastels for Spring and so did the collections from Narces and Matthew Gallagher...pretty pastels are so feminine and girly and perfect while your skin is still warming up to the idea of actually coming out of hibernation. 

5. LB-D/W
The winners of this year's Mercedes Benz Start Up competition was Montreal's very own UNTTLD and they predicted one of the best looks for S/S 2016 for everyone: You cannot go wrong with the perfect little dress, black or white, next season. 

So, there you have it! You are officially ahead of the fashion, if only next season weren't so far away...there is still more to see and you can follow my Instagram for up-to-the-minute stuff from World Mastercard Fashion Week!  And on that note I had to share one of my favourite moments (cuz this is what happens at fashion week! Dee Snider!): 

See you on the runway,