Wednesday, July 29, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Lole White Tour Inspires my Yoga Revolution, in Style of Course!

New special Wednesday edition post up on Virgin Radio
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I would not call myself, well, hippy dippy yoga girl. But I dig comfy clothes that are fashionable and it seems that Lole is moving us all in that direction. 

I was invited to the Lole White Tour. This yearly shin dig is a huge yoga experience that happens in a ton of major cities...and, on August 8th from 8am-2pm, it's gonna come to the fine streets of MTL, at Jacques Cartier Quay.  For 40$, you will be warrior posing complete with DJ and live music from Milk and Bone, a free yoga mat and gift bag, a healthy lunch provided by Oikos from Danone, alongside a sea of bendy people in white. 

So that got me to thinking...what can you do to align your inner shakras without comprising your personal style? I headed to Lole to get my answer. 

 1. Try something Sheer: 
How much do I love that yoga can be kinda sexy?! These Yogita leggings are beyond awesome (and the black ones were sold out because, I mean, I would wear these out, wouldn't you?!).
 2. Mesh it up: 
A little bit of mesh takes your yoga gear from incense-only to totally sporty-spice in no time. 
 3. Get warmed up: 
A down-filled trapeze shaped jacket? Um, yes paleez. Perfect for hightailing it out of the yoga studio and onto the town. 

4. Get a Yoga bag that will have you namastaying all over the place: 
The Lole yoga bags are stellar. Period.  I even got one. It has a slot in the front for your yoga mat, a slot inside for your phone and laptop and a leash for your keys. Plus they are water resistant and range in price from 140-200$.  
 5. Accessories Rule: 
Nothing says stylish yogi like accents that tell the world who you are and that you are one fashionably zen being. Lole has a bunch of accessories from different brands (including TOMS) and I loved the beads, bags and bad-ass sunglasses I spotted. 
So, will I downward dog all day? Probably not.  
But yoga is sounding mighty fun if it means a whole new wardrobe that works in everyday life and at ashtanga. 



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LKISStyle: New Video Up on Youtube, More AS98 Shoes

I know you guys saw Lee Haberkorn and I hanging out and shoe shopping at AS98 in Montreal (if you didn't, watch it here:
Well, there is a second one! Watch it here:



Friday, July 24, 2015

LKISStyle: Shopping in Lake Como's Bellagio, Italy (Because That's What I do!)

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal, I chat about my shopping

 experience in Lake Como! Read it there: 

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Welcome to Lake Como.  
And, yes, while others enjoy the pristine views and the hopes of catching a glimpse of George and Amal on the water...well...I shop. 

Now, this doesn't mean that I actually purchase.  I just love exploring the retail experience in the new places that I visit, and Bellagio, Italy, was no different. 

Here are some of the stylish delights I spotted: 

1. Bags (and a million other things) by Pierangelo Masciadri
These artistic and most definitely euro-inspired prints were available in abundance in Bellagio.  While I am not really the print queen myself, I thought these oversized change-purse-style bags were fabulous (and kind of made me want to go to the opera!). 
 2. Saraceno: 
Another store that had multiple locations in Bellagio (which is not a big city, btw) was Saraceno. Luxurious pieces that still had a bohemian style were the vibe in these awesome boutiques. 
 3. The bag I almost bought...but then I looked at the price tag: 
Spotted at the store Loft 46 (which was what I like to call the-everything-I-need-to-go-to-Ibiza-store) was an eccentric bag that had my name on it.  But, alas, this Gado Gado satchel also had a hefty price on it, so it stayed in its fabulous retail home instead of actually coming home with me. 
 4. Moda Shop: 
True to its name, this fine fashion establishment had tons of fun colours mixed in with Italian elegance.  I am telling you, people, this is one stylish town. 
 5. Missoni
Nothing says I am hanging in Milanese vacationland like Missoni. Period. 

Bellagio on Lake Como was beautiful and yes, of course, I loved the views.  But we are talking about the shopping, right?!



Friday, July 17, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Bathing Suit Babe

Today on Virgin Radio- chatting the perfect bathing suit for your body type. 
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We are in the throws of summer weather and it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what my weight and/or tan status is, I have anxiety.  Wearing a bathing suit is tantamount to being naked in public...or is it?  I mean the up side of sporting a bathing suit is there are all kinds of ways to make your bod look fabulous regardless of how icky you may feel about it. 

Here are my tips to help enhance what gawd gave ya, when it is time to hit the beach: 

1. Busty Babe
Got an ample bosom and not sure how to sport it at the beach?  Well, first up, go for support (underwire, structure) and definitely grab something with fuller straps. 

2. A little on the JLO/Beyonce/KimK side
More junk in the trunk is definitely hot these days, so gone are the recommendations that you should hide in shorts at the beach (don't do it!).  Try an enhanced or embellished top to have all eyes up here or go for a skirted bottom (but not too full...that booty shake is something to celebrate!). 

3. Vertical Challenges
Feeling a little low to the ground? Try a bathing suit that is cut high on the hips (think Baywatch) for the ultimate leg-lengthening look. 

4. Tummy Troubles
There are so many options for this particular figure concern. Flow-y tankini's are abundantly available (try, ruching will camouflage said area instead of full-out hiding, and high-waisted bikini's are so pin-up fabulous, you will be loving your time on the sand. 

5. Barely There
Are the girls feeling a little small for a day in your swimsuit?  To boost that confidence, go for a padded suit (Victoria Secret is a champ at this one), a halter for that extra hoist if you are just looking for a pick me up, or some extra embellishment (ruffles, fabric volume, fringe) for that va-va-voom. 

Ready to hit the water? Remember to own what you my mother says: "It doesn't get better, so you might as well enjoy it every step of the way."



Friday, July 10, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My top 5 Tips for Packing Shoes (stylishly!)

New post on Virgin Radio today! 
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I am coming to an end of an incredible trip and honestly, it makes me think.  Sure about life, love, adventure, but if you are also makes you think about the style choices you made when you originally packed your bag (deep, people, I know).  There are all kinds of packing tips that are super-helpful especially headed on a hot vacation.  But nothing takes up room like your shoes, so you need to be smart about what footwear makes the cut.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to pack your shoes and look stylish all vacation-long:

1. The ratio:
The first thing to evaluate is how long you are going for.  I say that for a 1-4 day trip you need two or three pair of shoes (two casual, one for getting a bit more dressed up).  If you are going any longer: double that number...with a caveat that you can always leave one pair of fancier shoes behind, if, and only if, you find the only pair are comfy enough (and besides, you can always buy a second pair, right?!).

2. The colours
My safest bets are metallics and/or white/nude on summer vacation.  All three of these choices go with EVERYTHING.  Trust me.

3. The comfort
Find shoes that are comfortable.  This is key especially if you have never been to the location you are visiting.  After my 60th stair in Santorini, I was pretty thrilled to have flats that were fancy enough that I could wear them out to dinner.  Check out this video with me and our very own Lee Haberkorn shoe shopping at a store from this great new comfort/fashion line, AS98:

4. Normcore is your friend (but be honest)
Running shoes are totally on trend right now. You can sport them with pretty much anything, even a dress and keep your tootsies super-happy.  But if you aren't the working out type, don't bother stuffing these ginormous shoes into your bag just to have them take up room.

5. No new shoes:
If you must buy a new pair of shoes for your vacation (because that really is fun to do) make sure you work them in pre-vacay, in a major way.  The last thing you want to do is be stuck sitting while everyone is dancing or complaining to your boyfriend that your feet are killing. Here is a pick of some of the shoes I brought and they are all seriously pre-loved: 

So, you are ready to pack your footwear for that awesome summer getaway. As I pack to go home, I can see I made some mistakes, but that just made for a great reason to say: But, Honey, I neeeeeeeeeeeed those.



Friday, July 3, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Santorini Style-Spotting

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal,​ I chat about the stylish finds I am spotting while travelling in Santorini, Greece! 

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I am on my honeymoon...and I know, I know, it's all about romance and sunsets....but would I be me if I didn't scope out all the trends and styles I am spotting on my travels?! Um...NO!!!

So, we have been hanging on the magnificent island of Santorini.  And while, the guide books won't tell you that this is a fashion capital or anything, I am here to tell you this majestic spot is chalk full of shopping finds and stylish looks.  Here are some of the cool things I checked out since I have been here (and may end up purchasing...cuz seriously, we know who I am). 

1. Flowy linens 
Unisex options abound of linens made into caftans, dresses and full-out outfits.  I actually chatted with a Greek designer, Balkam Bloose, (pictured on the left) who was sporting his own designs. There is just something super organic about the whole vibe. 

2. Chunky metallic pieces
Jewellery is everywhere on this island and I love all the intense, geometric, statement accessories that accent the airy aesthetic of Santorini in the most perfectly balanced way. 
Another Greek designer was sporting her own designs made of malleable silver and bone.  

3. Beautiful Bling  
Speaking of jewellery, the real stuff ain't half bad here either.  Tiny charming streets are lined with windows overflowing with gems and metals...and lots of gold. 

4. Greek key design 
You would think that this would be a bit touristy or gimmicky, but I am totally falling for the traditional Greek print that adorns clothes, jewellery and accessories here. It evokes a feeling of history and style all at the same time. 
 5. Protection against the evil eye
So, historically to guard against the evil eye, some mediterranean cultures used talismans, and in Greece it's known as the "eye." Well, step right up and get your own protection for a couple of euros. There are all kinds of fun bracelets and amulets you can get your hands on.  I think these colourful and mystical pieces are a delightful addition to any arm party (and one can always use a little extra protection!). 

Wanna see my finds as they happen? Check out my instagram for all up-to-the-minute snaps of my trip:

Travel is one the most interesting ways to absorb fashion and style and Santorini is no different.  Now, the only issue is fitting all that great stuff in my suitcase on the way home! 



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LKISStyle: Outfit Post, My Looks in Lake Como

So, a last minute flight cancellation meant that my trip had to be rerouted to Bellagio, Lake Como. Well, needless to say this was NOT a bad thing! 
(this is a picture of the filter!!!)

What's a girl to wear to a fancy dinner by the fresh Como waters? 
Well, I grabbed my favourite white wedges, a statement necklace with pearl accents, and my latest fun addition to my wardrobe, my 'Just Married' clutch! 
 I pieced together a light peach t-shirt and even lighter pink stretch flare skirt from BCBG
 Down the grand staircase and I was ready to dine at the molecular gastronomy resto Mistral at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbellioni!

Our second night was time to dress for a trattoria, Antico Pozzo (complete with amazing pizza and pasta that I will be dreaming about...). 
 I decided to go for the gold with my accessories: 
 A nude mini Prada was purse my of choice: 

And, the finished look was casual with a bit sparkle, which was perfect for the cobblestone streets of Bellagio. 
Am I sad to leave Lake Como? 
You bet...but I promise there are still plenty more outfits to come on this trip! 
Isn't that what travelling is all about?