Friday, October 2, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My 4 Must-Have Hats for Fall

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This one goes out to my Virgin Radio partner-in-fashion-crime and hat lover, Andrea Collins! 

It's getting to be that time...time to give in to Fall (it is October after all).  Well, one of my favourite ways to celebrate the change in season (okay, maybe it's more like trying not to cry into my hot chocolate that the temperature is a far cry from summer), is to get my hands on some fabulous Fall accessories and one of the best places to start is right on your head! 

Here are my top 4 picks for the perfect head-topper this season: 
(All hats pictured are available at

1. Le Pom Pom: 
The pom pom hat is the perfect combo of playful and cute and extremely warm and cozy.  Wear it with your hair down and a dash of blush on your face for that I-just-love-the-outdoors (even if you don't) look. 

2. Bling on the Brain: 
I love the idea of a hat being a glamorous accessory and adding a touch of bling to your favourite headwear definitely brings it up a notch. 

3. Sophisticated Skull: 
Skull caps are practical: Easy to store in your bag after you arrive at your destination and easy to throw on when it's super chilly outside.  But why not grab a skull cap with some chic feminine details so that this accessory says fashion and not just function. 

4. Wide Brim Noggin:
The wide brim hat has been a favourite for Fall fashionistas for years now.  But I am urging you to go on the stiffer and more structured side, instead of the floppy brim (which is just too summer festival for the crisp, elegant Fall). 

So, we officially have you covered...on your head, that is. 


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LKISStyle: A Long Overdue Outfit Post, Mixing Metals in the South of France

This outfit is from aaaaaaaages ago, but why not post it and dream of summer as fall creeps in! 

I started with vintage silver earrings (that I am still obsessed with, btw), wet hair and my plastic combs. 

Added my fringe shoes from comfy and so playful: 

Then my Moschino mixed-metal fanny pack, which is the best travel bag ever....goes with everything! 

Then my new Pinko layered shift for the final complete look....I was having the worst time, can't you tell?!

It's September 30th...and yes, winter is coming, but we can still dream of summer! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, The Best & Worst, Fashion at the 2015 Emmys

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Here it is! My take on the best and worst on the red carpet at this year's Emmys. Boring it was not... The best dressed were few and far between in my opinion, but I guess the upside is that most people actually took some fashion risk! 
The worst dressed list could have been A LOT longer, but I managed to narrow it down. 


Sophia Vergara, stop it with your bad self. She just knows how to wear the perfect gown to show off her perfect curves, in the perfect way.  And, in St. John, no less.  Just perfect. 

Kerry Washington was channeling her inner Olivia Pope, looking like a sexy warrior fashion god in this Marc Jacobs dress. 

Maybe it was Viola Davis's speech or maybe just the fact that this woman always looks so fresh and gorgeous, but I loved her in this chic, but also playful, Carmen Marc Valvo.

Is that Lady Gaga?! Okay, so I do miss the meat dress days of ole, but this Brandon Maxwell number was the ultimate in elegance and high style (it's LG's stylist who has launched his own clothing line).  Black is usually super-boring on the red carpet, but this dress was anything but. 


The big bird brigade: This was a hot yellow mess (yikes) across the board. Heidi Klum looked like she was literally blindfolded when she got styled in this dress (it is part muppet, part figure skating outfit and part bathrobe...yeesh).  Taylor Schilling looked like she skipped the fitting for her dress.  Mindy should have insisted that those aging short sleeves be hacked off before agreeing to wear that gown and Kiernan Shipka forgot to take her pants off...

Heidi Klum in Atelier Versace, Taylor Schilling in Stella McCartney, Mindy Kaling in Salvador Perez, Kiernan Shipka in Dior

Kathryn Hahn missed the boat in her Vivienne Westwood, appearing way more carpet bag, than red-carpet-ready. 

Joanna Newsom in Delpozo.  I have no words.  This is a dire miss, with an homage to furniture and needle point everywhere. 



Monday, September 21, 2015

LKISEvents: Tiff 2015, Part 1, The Stylist (Sweet) Suite

Well, Tiff has come and gone and while it is impossible to do everything at the second largest film festival in the world (yup), a girl can't help but venture out and see about the hoopla. 

My first stop was at the Exclusive celebrity styling lounge, The Stylist Suite at the Trump Residences®. 

Here are some of my favourite snaps from my jaunt to the Stylist Suite....which was pretty darn sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.  
I fell in love with some of the pieces from Huntress:   

And, as usual it was great to see Narces, one of my favourite Canadian Design houses representing.

Loads of people were piled into the gorgeous residence to check out all the goodies. 

I actually got to chat with Canadian Model Monika Schnarre about her new line of anti-aging products that are not full of crazy chemicals (and, yes, I couldn't stop thinking about the original 90210): 

And scoped out all-natural nail polish from MOOV, too. 

More Tiff stuff tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Beauty Trends to try This Fall

Missed my post on Virgin last Friday? 
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Okay, so we aren't ready for winter exactly, but Fall means new looks to try without committing to cold weather yet....and that suits me just fine. 

So, here 5 beauty trends you should try this September and enjoy a change of seasons without the change in weather...yet.

1. Crimson Lips: 
This trend comes and goes but I will tell you what it definitely works with are all the dark and sassy colours that are so hot for fashion this fall. 

(photos courtesy Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

2. Wackadoodle Eyeliner:
Need to know what you can't miss out on this season? It's eyeliner and honestly, get creative, because if the runways are any indication, everything goes.
(photos courtesy Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

3. Bronze Metal:
Bronze eyes are sexy and soft all at the same time.  Talk about the perfect combination when 'tis the season to start covering up the rest of ya.
(photos courtesy Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

4. Rosy glow:
This look was seen at the Festival Mode & Design (you can see more of my coverage from the festival here:  It was all about that healthy glow from Covergirl and even if you are gearing up to hibernate, why not look like you are enjoying the great outdoors?

5. Line the Bottom:
Also from Covergirl at the Festival Mode & Design, I think this is THE look to try right now. Modern, fresh and quite frankly, exciting! This trend is actually new and that is what makes it my pick for Fall.

Not ready to bust out the faux fur and flannel? Try inching into the new season with these beauty trends. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

LKISStyle: New video up on Youtube, Contouring + Product Reviews

Alright gang! New video up on Youtube all about contouring and reviewing contouring products from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D
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Friday, September 4, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 4 Tips for Sporting the Plaid Mega-Trend This Fal

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal 4 tips for how to wear the 

plaid super-trend this season:
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It's a mix of Nirvana-grunge, school-girl sexy and Harujuku fashion haiku: Plaid is where it's at this season.  So, how to wear this super-trend? 

Here are 4 top tips to get you plaid-perfect: 

 1. It draws attention: 
Know now that however you decide to wear this print will have attention drawn to it.  Definitely pick it for that body part that you want all eyes on. 

2. Try it in accessories: 
Not feeling integrating plaid in the clothing mix?  Accessories covered in this classic print are all the rage and a great way to incorporate it into the wardrobe without committing head-to-toe. 

3. Layer it up: 
Nothing says grunge with style like a layered touch of plaid.  Do it. 

4. It's appropriate for everything: 
A little plaid dress for work? Yup. A button down plaid with jeans and a jean jacket for that day-trip to the market? Yup. It's understated sophistication is perfect for cooler weather and an even cooler look. 

Welcome to the Fall season people!