Friday, July 25, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Outfit Post, Vacation in Black and White, Part 1

Today on Virgin Radio: my vacation packing in black and white!

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Or right here!
This year I headed on vacation and decided that I was going to bring mostly black and white.  Simple, crisp, easy to pair with accessories and shoes and universally flattering, I managed to pack my bag with these two colour essentials. 
So, I figured I would delve into how I packed and put it all together to create 6 different looks in black and white.  Here is part 1, the black outfits. 

I brought a cute black purse and decided I would stick with silver tones to accent the look. 

Silver jewellery to tie it together. 

One dress was black lace, which added a bit of depth and texture to the outfit. 

The other dress I brought had beaded and mirrored straps, which added a pop of fun colour. 

The shoes?  Oldies, but goodies: Gucci sandals with purple piping and red block heels, perfect for after-dinner walks and dancing the night away on vacation. 

The final looks: 
My lace dress...

And, my red-accented shift. 

The thing I love about black and white is that it works on every skin-tone, is always elegant and looks put together no matter what the occasion, not to mention seriously simplifies the packing process. 
Wanna see more?  Check out my white looks in part 2 and 3 next week on

Happy travels! 



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, My Top 5 Summer-Ready Style Must-Haves

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Or below! Happy Summer!

Hello from the beach! 
And, while I am hanging in the sun, I started to think about the must-haves that make hitting the beach a practical and stylish occasion.
Here are my top 5 essential items to be perfectly beach-ready this summer:

1. The Perfect Skin Protector

So, of course if you are going to be out in the sun for a more than a few minutes, sun block is essential.  Enter my favourite products from Hawaiian Tropic.  Check out my review here:

2. Haircare Heaven

Your skin isn't the only thing that needs protection! I know we all forget about it, but our hair could use a little luvin' too! Grab this L'Oreal Professionel product that protects your hair from all those damaging sun rays: SOLAR SUBLIME Mexoryl S.O. UV-Protect Advanced Protection Conditioning Spray

3. The To-Die-For Beach Bag

A stylish beach bag is a total must-have. The perfect accent to any outfit and a necessity for carting around that great beach read, your oversized sunglasses and sunblock! My ideal beach bag is metallic, because I think those shiny totes are perfectly glamorous for reflecting all that summer sun.
4. Stylin' Sandals

You know about my obsessions this summer: Gladiators and slides (Birkenstocks or shoes that look like them if you can stomach it).  I like something with a little bling and yet completely practical.  Check out my sand-ready sandals I have been sporting during my vacay:

5. Faux-Glow Fabulousness

Finally, the key to laying on the shore is faking your baking.  My favourite all time self-tanner is St. Tropez Self Bronzing Lotion, which goes on brown so you can see if you left any streaks, gives an awesome golden glow and smells the least offensive of all the self-tanners I have tried.

Alright peeps, now you are ready to hit the beach in style...See you in the sun!
Oh, and the ultimate must-have? 
Order me a glass of bubbly, would ya!



Friday, July 4, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, How to Dress for Summer Weddings

New Post up on Virgin Radio
You can read it here, too!


Wedding season is officially in full swing.  Last week I attended lovely nuptials and I was reminded that weddings in the summer are a whole other style ballgame. Aside from the normal wedding must-dos, in the summer there are some additional tips to make you fashion fabulous. 

So, here are my tips for summer style wedding bliss:

1. Wear shoes with room: 
Your feet swell when you are in high heels. Well, add in sweltering heat and you need a bit of extra wiggle room for your swollen piggies. Try shoes with straps or open toe or heel so that once your feet do swell, they have somewhere to go. 

2. Florals are right on the mark:
I have to say that florals are the perfect summer print for a wedding.  Universally flattering, utterly romantic and perfectly appropriate, this print is ideal whether your event is formal or not.  

3. Add a splash of colour:
For those of us (ahem, me) who are prone to formal black, there definitely needs to be a splash of colour somewhere in your outfit. I tend to grab dresses with extra details and add colour through a great bag, jazzy shoes or a fun print. 

4. Commitment free hair:
What is worse than sweating at a hot wedding? Uh, sweating hairspray. My suggestion for heat-proof wedding hair is something that doesn't melt (yuck) and something that won't be ruined by humidity and dancing, like a straight down 'do with some body. 

5. Day to night:
Days are way longer in the summer, so that means most weddings will actually start in daylight.  Keep this in mind when applying your makeup and try to create a look that transitions gracefully from day to night.  
Also, makeup is another area where you want to avoid the melting problem.  Go light on face paint (foundation, concealer) and stick with a powder which will absorb moisture and eliminate sheen.  

Ready to hit the dance floor (or the open bar)? 
Now, you definitely will be. 


Friday, June 27, 2014

LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, Being Beaded

Today on the Virgin Radio blog (@Virginradio96 ) I am talking 

all things beaded! Read it there: 

Or right here: 

Anyone remember beaded friendship bracelets?  Loading up your wrist with beaded bracelets in bright colours was a sign of summer.  Well, while I don't think my girls are gonna be sporting those crayon coloured accessories this season, it got me thinking about how beaded accents are the perfect way to invoke that same vibe and also stay super-on trend with all the hippy-inspired summer festival fashion floating around. 

 How did I manage to get on the beaded bandwagon?  I recently bought these House of Harlow moccasins at HR2 (on serious sale by the way) and that is how it all began. 

Other beaded beauties have I found on my search are these Brunello Cucinelli beaded kicks that are my ideal summer boots. 

I am not sure a motorcycle could be more perfect that this one by Haute Hippie

And, of course, you can always go the totally classic beaded route with a fringe dress like this one from Kate Moss for Top Shop

Or, you can update the look with a matching jacket and shorts, beaded of course, like this Top Shop get-up. 

Finally, there is always the beaded bag.  In Fendi's case it is the beaded baguette and in peachy-nude this mega investment will always be in style. 
 Or if you aren't feeling flush, fashion need not be compromised with these reasonably priced beaded bag and backpack from River Island.

If being inspired by beads isn't enough for ya, you can always order your very own friendship bracelet kit from Kitson and get back to your 12 year old roots, when all that mattered was what flavour popsicle you got and how long you had until the school year started again. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

LKISEvents: On Virgin Radio, Caudalie Boutique and Spa Grand Opening

Today on Virgin Radio, the Grand Opening of Caudalie's boutique spa. 
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Last week, I headed out to Quartier DIX30 to check out the brand new Caudalie spa and boutique. I have to say that I was utterly pleasantly surprised to find that what I thought would be a long haul out to this mega-shopping district turned out to be a mere 10 minute drive from Old Montreal!

I was hitting up this opening with fellow media gal Cheryl Besner.

So, the whole concept behind Caudalie is extracting all the benefits from the vineyard and using those properties for skincare.

If you need proof that this stuff is the good stuff, check out the co-founders (and married couple), Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, who epitomize French elegance.

I chatted with Mathilde and got the tour of this locale- check out the video here:

I am already completely obsessed with their Premier Cru line of products.

In the store, they have a bar in the middle where you can play with the products along with two treatment rooms where you can receive over-the-top luxurious treatments.

Custom scrubs and a ton of great skincare options makes this spot a must-visit.

Their latest fragrance (which I was told evokes the South of France...sounds good to me!) was on display alongside their Divine Oil, which I have to say I have tried and loved this decadent multi-purpose prod'.

I loved that grapes were everywhere for the opening! 

All those benefits we read about wine are definitely taken to new skincare heights at Caudalie



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LKISStyle: Why I HATED Kendall Jenner's Dress at the MMVAs

I like a little risk√©. 
Cleavage? Sure. A little leg? Why not. A body skimming silhouette? If you have it, well, then, work it, girl. 
But hip bones? Um, no. 
No thank you very much. 

I am not a big Kardashians person to begin with so it's not like I have some admiration for this girl that would make me forgive this bizarre fashion choice. 

Kendall Jenner's Fausto Puglisi teenage train-wreck was in my (albeit grandma-esque) opinion gawd-awful.
 It did look like it was going to be perfection from the back: 

Oh, and from the side: 

And, don't get me wrong: 
I loved the floor length hem, the gorgeous weather appropriate colours and the crystal embellishments that would have made anyone drool...

If only I didn't have to avert my eyes because of the gaudy slits that ruined the whole thing. Not to mention that visually the slits actually made her look wider than she is. 

So, there you have it. Those icky slits made me hate the dress. 




Friday, June 13, 2014

LKISShops: On Virgin Radio, Luxury Jones in the City of Angels

New shopping post on Virgin Radio- read it over there: 

or right here for ya: 

Welcome to Luxury Jones, one of the coolest stores I have come across in Los Angeles, and, well, maybe in general. Specializing in being special, this workshop/retail spot is teeming with all kinds of fabulous finds. 

Located on Melrose, this spot literally had me at hello. 

This isn't just a normal store.  In the back is a workshop where designer Nicole Dimitras creates these garments and accessories. 

Dimitras is actually an Emmy award-winning fashion designer...who admits that she doesn't have a foot fetish, she has a boot fetish.  I can definitely relate. 

I had come across Luxury Jones boots before without even really knowing it. On Virgin Radio, a while back, I had mentioned that my favourite boots for summer included their one-of-a-kind cowboy booties that I had discovered on

Well, turns out aside from these incredible wrapped cowboy boots on, they are also selling ridiculously awesome footwear at their retail space. 

I was smitten by the fringe-adorned jean shorts, which takes the rampant Coachella-inspired trend to a whole other level. 

There were oodles of shimmering sequinned pieces. Reworked and enhanced vintage was everywhere. 

Being the accessories-nut that I am, I couldn't get enough of their eccentric bobbles.  And, ps, their prices really range- my girlfriend picked up a quilted denim purse for $40!

Finally check out these sunglasses that were a cross between Elton John and Lady Gaga:

I love when I discover spots on my travels, filled with totally special pieces and looks.  Part of the adventure is finding fashion and style that is unique to a location or in this case a store...only issue is my suitcase is never big enough~