Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LKISObsession: Wackadoodle Light-Up Shoes

So, I know that like me, you have seen little kids running around with their sneakers lighting up with every step.  
But were you like me and thought: 
Why don't they have those for adults?!

Well, count on Irregular Choice to create exactly that!

For $235 on, you can have your very own light-up kicks. 

Will I be snapping up a pair? Probably not. But can I imagine dancing the night away on my very own personal portable light show? 



Friday, February 20, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My 5 Favourite Hair Trends This Season

Are you having a good hair day? I am cuz It's all about hot hair 

trends for 2015 today on Virgin Radio 96 and tune in this afternoon 

when I chat on-air w/ Andrea Collins all about it! 

Read it there:

or right here! 

A great head of hair can be a gal's best accessory (Think of it: Great hair is basically a sign on your head that is a testament to be being healthy and a way to look stylish without having to squeeze into any uncomfortable silhouettes!).  So, why not have an arsenal full of the top hair trends and the best products to get you the looks that rocked the runway for Spring/Summer 2015? 

Here are 5 of my favourite hairstyles that are all the rage this season and some great product to get you there: 

90s volume:
Think Cindy Crawford with that perfectly coordinated wave and lots of volume. Sexy, glamorous, and very fabulous.
Product solution:
1. To keep pumping up the volume: Sebastian Flat Fix Travel Kit (Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner, and Re-Shaper Hairspray)
2. For that perfect curl: SEPHORA COLLECTION Sculpt Curling Iron

Slick Rick:
Slick it back, whether down or up. I love this look, which is done with minimal effort.  It can be a bit severe, so I recommend makeup that isn’t too strong to keep it looking modern, but also balanced.
Product solution:
To get that wet look: Fekkai Sheer Sculpt Styling Gel


Long Bob (the Lob):
This is totally a celebrity favorite these days.
You will end up having the healthiest hair you have ever had when you lop off (lob off?) all those dead ends.  Plus this hairstyle is completely fresh and fashion forward. 
Product solution:

The wavy bob (and undone hair in general):
It may look messy, but it’s actually on purpose! The best way to make this look on-trend and not a hot mess, you have to tame those frizzies.
Product solution:
Undone shouldn't mean unhealthy or unruly: Pantene Expert DryDefy Velvet Crème Infusion

 Low pony:
This is elegant, sophisticated and out of your face. Talk about perfect, day or night, casual or elegant.  It’s just so Gwyneth!
Product solution: 
1. To keep your hair looking controlled without looking too styled: Fekkai Blowout Collection (Primer, Texturizer, Refresher, Sealing Serum) 
2. And, I love a blown dry straight ponytail: Bumble and bumble Straight BlowDry 

(All pictures courtesy of Opique Photography)

 Well, now you are armed for must-have hairdos in 2015! 



Thursday, February 19, 2015

LKISEvents: My Le Chateau Outfit Last Night at the After the Ball Movie Premiere

Le Chateau has been a Canadian fashion staple for years...and I mean, I can remembering sporting a plaid blazer with silver buttons down the front to a party in the seventh grade...that kind of staple!
Well, last night I was invited to the premiere of After the Ball, a fabulous mix of fashion and fairytale, this movie features all kinds of Le Chateau people, fashion and attitude (and it is open to the public on at the end of this month). 

As a little extra treat: I headed to the huge Le Chateau store in downtown Montreal, and got to pick my outfit for the festivities! 

I stumbled upon a faux fur stole, and that is when I knew I would build the look around this awesome camel-coloured accessory: 

Then I snapped up a fantastic winter-white boyfriend blazer and layered it with a black and white halter tank: 

Then it was time to accessorize with some yellow gold bling to bring out the rich camel colour of the stole and amazing statement earrings (I am obsessed!): 

And, lastly I grabbed these great lug-soled boots to give the outfit a bit of rock 'n roll: 

Snapped a selfie and it was time to hit the red carpet! 

My cousin, Matthew Butler, director of sales and operations for fab new furniture importer, Design Zola, was my movie date and we also spotted the star of the film Portia Doubleday and musician Emilia (singer of Young and in Love, featured in the movie!): 

Another, red carpet walker was my buddy Lee Haberkorn also from Virgin Radio, and also dressed head-to-toe in Le Chateau:

Want to check out the fashion from After the Ball?  
Head to
Want to see the movie? 
Hit theatres on February 27th!


Friday, February 13, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Ways to Perfect Your Valentine's Day Look

Today on Virgin Radio 96, we are perfecting your Valentine's 

Day style! Read it here:

AND tune in on-air at 12:30 when I chat all about it with 


It's February 14 tomorrow, and so it's time to get in the spirit of love! Here are my top 5 ways to get your romantic look underway for Valentine's Day... 

1. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve (or Anywhere!): 
Getting into the spirit of things is kind of adorable and heart-y accessories make the statement that you are in the mood...
2. Look Like You Are Blushing: 
Is there anything more romantic than a blushing gal? Make sure to contour (bronzer on the top of the brow, jawline and in the hollows of the cheeks, highlight the nose, cupid's bow, apples of the cheeks and then brush on the blush only on the top of the cheek bone). And, then stick your contour palette in your heart-shaped purse, so you can touch up throughout the night. 
 2. Have Perfectly Kissable Lips:
Steer clear of lipstick if you plan on smooching, but romance definitely involves a kiss-worthy pout.  I am obsessed with these liquid lipsticks from Lise Watier that have a matte finish, intense pigment and do not about the answer to our kissing-prayers. 

 4. Have a Sexy Secret:
Wearing lingerie on your Valentine's Day will make that glimmer in your eye sparkle even more. There is just something about sporting sexy undergarments that breeds confidence and there is nothing sexier than that!
 5. Rock a Little Red Dress:
The little black dress is definitely a safe bet, but why not bust out the Valentine's Day red to make the statement that you aren't afraid of saying that romance is on your menu. Brazen, bold, daring and flattering on every skin-tone, a little red dress goes a long way. 
There you have it! Whether your Valentine's Day is already planned or you are winging romance this year, you will be fashion-ready to open your heart. 
xxx (and a little extra xxxx) 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

LKISSEvents: On Virgin Radio, Red Carpet Glamour (Part 2), 5 Makeup Tricks I Learned With Covergirl and a GIVEAWAY!

My Post is up on Virgin Radio! 
Read it there: 

Or right here!

And for YOUR chance to win some of these awesome products from Olay Pantene and Covergirl, just tweet or instagram your favourite red carpet look or trick and make sure to tweet or post using @LKISStyle and #LKISGiveaway  


Last Monday, I had the chance to listen to some seriously real experts (courtesy of Covergirl, Olay and Pantene) about how to get red carpet ready with some amazing tips and tricks...and some real life opinions about some of the Hollywood Best and Worst list...

If you didn't get a chance to see my hair post, head here for some awesome tips from hairstylist to the stars, Danilo: 

Well, I managed to scoop up some fabulous information on the tips and tricks used by the professionals to make those stars look even starrier. 
And, here are some AWESOME makeup nuggets I learned about, straight from cosmetic queen, Veronica Chu, on how to get you ready for your own personal Oscars!

Tip 1: 
Watch out for synthetic eyelashes, the paparazzi's flash (and, um, an iPhone) will actually reflect off of them in photos! 

Tip 2: 
Strong brows are a total trend right now and the trick is to make it look natural and bold. 

Tip 3: 
If you are wearing a skin bearing dress, MAKE SURE your face and chest match! 

Tip 4: 
If you want classic glamour, you cannot go wrong with a bold red lip, but the shape should be more angular (rather than round), which will look more sophisticated. 

Tip 5: 
If you are looking for a more "out there" trend to try, give electric blue eyeliner a whirl. The colour is universally flattering and matched with a more purple hue for the lips and muted lashes, it definitely says: I won. 

After getting all the detes on the secrets to red carpet glamour, it was time to head home to check out my goodies!
Want a chance to win some of these prods? 
Head to for more details!



LKISEvents: Red Carpet Glamour (Part 1), 5 Hair Tricks I Learned w/Pantene

On Monday, I headed over to the Hazelton, Toronto, to learn all about Red Carpet beauty trends with Olay, Covergirl and Pantene. Well, not only was it awesome chats about the expert's loves and not-so-loves on the Hollywood red carpets, it was also a session full of tips and tricks on how to look like you might be on your way to accept an award. 

(PS: Head to tomorrow for Part 2!)

Watching Danilo (hairstylist to the stars) was definitely a highlight, and he had plenty to say on how to get gorgeous red carpet-worthy hair. 

Tip 1: Use leave-in conditioner. Like, always.  
Apparently it makes for an amazing base no matter what the desired hair outcome. 

Tip 2: 
For a glamorous look, start with tighter waves that will shake out throughout evening, and make your look last well into the after-party. 

 Tip 3: 
Ombré is everywhere now, and not just reserved for the end of the hair. 
Play with an individual!

Tip 4: 
Dry shampoo is amazing as a volumizer, not just as...well...a dry shampoo. 

 Tip 5: 
Make sure you consider your look head-to-toe.  It just all has to work together...take it from Danilo, he designed Elsa's hair! 

So, now you are hair-ready for the red carpet.  
Time to work on that acceptance speech! 



Friday, January 30, 2015

LKISSObsession: On Virgin Radio, My 4 Fave Ways to Boost Winter With Metallic

New post up on Virgin Radio- read it there:

Or right here!


So, I am gonna break some news here: It's winter. Yuck.  
But what can bring a little pep into your step is metallics. Maybe it was all that time watching Frozen over the holidays (thanks Elsie and Nelly!) or maybe it is just mother nature's way of adding glamour when light hits the ice....either way, a little sparkle a shine is the best way for me to feel a little less winter-blues-y and add some dazzle to my blahs!

So here are my top 4 ways to add some shine to your winter season:

1. Metallic Eyes:
Added rock 'n roll is the perfect way to jazz yourself up even if you are in the midst of mega-hybernation.  I am currently obsessed with Essence Metal Glam on my video to see why (and for your chance to win some fabulous Essence product!)!

 2. Metallic Hair:
Forget ombré, forget pastel....onto the next! And, for 2015 it is all about metallic hair. Think Jem and the Holograms only shinier.

3. Metallic Lips
I have been sporting gold and silver lipstick for ages and I have to say it is definitely a favourite, winter or summer, rain or shine.  Particularly, I love that a metallic lip is perfect against pale it is definitely February-friendly. 

4. Metallic Tatoos:
Temporary tattoos aren't just for Disney fans anymore.  These metallic temporary tatts are a fabulous way to add some body glitter in the most sophisticated and non-grade school way (and all that with noooooo commitment!).

Ready to get your bling on?  
See, those icy conditions will take on a whole new meaning with these awesome metallics.