Friday, May 22, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Getting to Style Virgin Radio's Own Miss Universe Contestant, Amanda Ste-Marie!

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Sooooo, as if it's not cool enough that I get to work with amazing people as the style and beauty expert at Virgin Radio Montreal, I had the awesome privilege of being asked to style our very own Amanda Ste-Marie as she got ready to participate in the Miss Universe National competition. 

We chatted about her personal style (black, black and more black) and discussed options for potential clothing sponsors and came up with ones that suited my vision (a bit more girly...pageants are like that) and still worked with Amanda's personality and personal style. 

First stop, Narces
Known for their gorgeous cocktail attire, we knew that this would be the perfect place to find that unique combo we were looking for. I pulled a bunch of looks and it was, like, one after the other, we were hitting it outta' the park.  

Then we headed to Rent Frock Repeat for gowns.  Amanda is so fit and tiny that most of the dresses were too big! And, we needed some major wow factor...and these just weren't the ones. 

 We narrowed it down to three: A classic red carpet look, an ethereal ice blue gown and a column dress that was very great gatsby-ish. 
 The one we chose for the actual competition? 
The sparkly ice blue that looked amazing on her and moved so nicely, which we knew would be important for being on stage.  And guess what? It was also Narces! The dress at Rent Frock Repeat was a size a million (you can't see it, but it Amanda is holding all the excess fabric in the picture above!), so we luckily headed back to Narces to pick up the gown in Amanda's size. 

(photo credit: Photographica, by Mallony Aguirre)

Then we had fabulous jewellery picked up from the amazing brand that is all about the bling, Tova. Each look we chose had pieces that would coordinated perfectly with it. 
Amanda was all set! 

So, for her marathon of a week (interviews, rehearsals, TV appearances) before the competition, Amanda sported all of her chic cocktail dresses: 

 And, then last night she participated in the preliminary competition! 
 Will Amanda win?  I think so! She looked flawless and is a fabulous woman!
The finalists are being announced tomorrow so check out my twitter (@LKISStyle) or be sure to check out Amanda's Facebook page. 
And, then the final competition is tomorrow night, so stay tuned!



Thursday, May 21, 2015

LKISObsession: Casadei Sneaker-Boots Blowing My Mind!

I bought a pair of boot-sneakers ages ago (and I mean ages) that I still wear today.  They were super-expesnive for me at the time and they were this new brand called L.A.M.B....yes, Gwen Stefani's line had just emerged on the scene and these booties were my fave. 

This is me wearing them a million years ago:

Well, enter the modernized version of my LAMB boots and I have to say (after hours scouring ebay over the years hoping and praying I might find another pair, in another or the same colour), I am now stalking these babies from Casadei
Added bonus, the Casadei version have a built-in wedge...hello height for this vertically challenged gal. 

And, they come in all kinds of colours, which makes stalking fun, deciding....not so easy. 

And, check out these perforated ones.  
This is the perfect summer boot. 

Do buy them?!  
For now, I will stick with stalking, but don't count me out yet. 



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

LKISBeauty: Lise Watier Summer 2015 Collection AND Giveaway!

I love the idea of reviewing makeup and then giving it away so you all can share in the love :) 
Well, here is the basket of goodies I received and here are my thoughts on all this neat stuff from Lise Watier

This bronzer is absolutely gorgeous.  I love the flecks of rouge and highlighter that weave throughout the golden hue. 

Surprisingly bold lipstick for summer, but these colours are those ones you will be grabbing all season: Go-to brown and go-to red. 

One of my favourite makeup tips I learned at makeup school was lining the inner eyes should be done in nude not white! Well, this nude pencil will be perfect for letting those peepers pop. 

So, the thing is that I adore when my cosmetics come in pretty packages and I have to say I was in love with the shell cased eyeshadow palette as soon as I pulled it out.  Then opened it up and it has every natural shade you could want for summer. 

Bold and creamy, these chubby eyeshadow pencils are one of my favourite ways to speed up my makeup application.  Very often I just do a quick swipe and head out the door....

Here is a swatch of the two colours: 

A clear lipgloss which can go on nude lips for that fresh-faced look or apply it over your lipstick to add some summery shine to your pout. 

And, finally, a cream blush, which is ideal for warmer months (has the tendency to stay put) and skipping the sun and faking a rosy glow is definitely how you want to get that dose of colour. 

Want some of these products to create your own perfect-for-summer-look?  Just tell me about your go-to summer beauty secrets! 

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Enter for your chance to win these items: 



Friday, May 8, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Must-Have Summer Bags From Marshalls

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I love buying seasonal accessories.  It is just about the most practical style-purchase you can make (yes, I used practical and purchase in the same fashion sentence). Why, you ask? Well, because you will wear that accessory until the cows come home...aka all season long. And, add in a discount on designer goods and we are seriously off to the shopping  races. 

I headed to Marshalls (there are 3 locations in Montreal) for the best in affordable designer fashion, to scope out the perfect summer bag that you can feel reallllllllllly justified in buying!

Here are my top 5 Marshalls must-have bags: 

1. The Rockin' Backpack:
Put all your stuff in it. Have free hands and still look stylish. I mean, c'mon, does it get better? 

2. The Fabulous Fringe Bag:
Festival season is upon us and in order to channel that free love spirit, the fringe bag is the perfect way to feel groovy without looking like you are at a costume party. 

3. The Flirty Floral Bag: 
I am positively LOVING this trend. Don't over think the pattern, just purchase and wear: I promise it will add girly style to any colour, pattern and look. 

4. The Bold Structured Bag: 
Streamlined and sophisticated, this bag says I am serious and fashionable. 

5. The Pattern Tote Bag: 
A tote is the ultimate summer bag and why not add some jazziness by picking this go-to in a bold and busy pattern. The tote is the essential travel/beach/day-to-night carry-all, so have a little fun with it!

Now, you are ready to head out into that warm weather, armed with ultimate summer bags from Marshalls


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

LKISStyle: Seeing Double, Twins and Triplets at the Met Gala

I wait for the Met Gala.  I mean, Hollywood has the Oscars and this event is the fashion industry's answer to the ultimate red carpet.  And, I also get it that trends mean celebs are gonna sport similar looking things...sometimes...
But yeesh, it felt like twinning was trending this year!
Here are 5 of the glaring multiples from the Met Gala: 

1. Emerald Green Columns: 
Emma Roberts and Kendall Jenner 
 2. Oscar Gold: 
Kate Hudson, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway. 

3. Spray Paint Pop Star Disaster: 
Katy Perry and Madonna. 

4. Mini Goths (and actual twins): 
The Olsens. 

5. Battle of the Booty (and absolutely NOTHING left to the imagination): 
JLo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian.  
What were your favourite looks from the Met Gala? Were you disappointed by all the duplicates? I was...



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LKISStyle: New Youtube Video up! Reviewing Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection

New product review up on Youtube! I tried a new product that I am super into by Urban Decay (available at Sephora). 

Click to watch-

Will you be resurrecting your mascara???


Friday, April 24, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Shoe Trend Alert, 5 Flats You Need This Summer

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It's true, once the warmer weather rolls around, I definitely bust out the crazy heels and frankly, all the shoes I have been dying to wear all winter.  But get this: Flats are in.  Big Time. And, while I am super-psyched to wobble through the cobblestone streets of Montreal in my best ridiculous pumps, I am beyond stoked that being flat on my feet is right on trend this season. 

Wanna join the flat-footed-fashion-revolution? Here are the top 5 flats you need in your wardrobe this Summer! 

1. Espadrilles
Woven straw makes up the bottom of these classic shoes. But just because they are classic doesn't mean they can't be cool. A ton of fun pattern, texture and colour options on the market are modernizing this great basic. 

2. Gladiator Sandals
Have these gone out of style, like, ever?  I feel like since 2004, these guys have been lurking around every spring/summer footwear season and this year is no exception. 

3. Metallic Flats
Think black, nude and white are the essential basics for footwear in the summer?  Think again! Metallics are the ultimate go-with-everything hue. 

4. Pointy Flats
Ever wanted to hang with Snap Crackle and Pop?  Well, now is your chance. Pointy flats are all the rage, and while I do find it a little elven-looking, it is still totally in fashion right now. 

5. Flatforms
The flatworm is the fashion god's answer to short people wearing flats.  Now everyone under 5'3" should give thanks this season cuz flatworms are in like gin and that means we all get to have a little godly stature. 

Are you gonna go the flat route this summer?