Friday, August 15, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Look Ma, No Handbags

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I was hanging out with one of my besties, and as we left the house to go shopping, I realized that she was filling her pockets with all her stuff: Phone, wallet, lipgloss...Girlfriend, I said, where is your purse?  She answered that she freaking hates wearing a purse and so she fills her pockets with gear and hopes her pants stay up.  So, I got to thinking: What does a purse-hater do?  I mean this girl (I mean me) LOVES bags, but what if you find sporting a purse to be a bag-burden? Are there any solutions out there for the handbag-hater? 

Well, turns out there are a bunch of great options (Heidi Rubin, personal trainer extraordinaire, this one's for you): 

1. The designer Fanny Pack
Don't cringe.  The fanny pack is a great bag alternative, with a hands free approach and some existing aesthetics that make them a-okay.  I love this ruffle one from Kinies

And, there is something about a designer fanny-pack, like this one from Gucci, that is deliciously balanced: 

2. The Holster
I actually have a holster.  They are a great handbag alternative and give any outfit an automatic rock'n roll vibe.  Check out these awesome ones from Jungle Tribe Blaster on Etsy, which comes in a torso or thigh version: 

And, this holster from RK New York screams band frontman:

3. The Wrist Wallet
If you are going to wear a cuff, why not have it double as a wallet?  I think that this beaded bracelet from Television on Etsy is perfectly girly and practical all at once: 

4.  The Ankle Wallet
If you needed validation from a major fashion house, anyone remember Chanel's 2008 ankle bag?  I love this thing (and think it could double as a wrist wallet, too): 

5. (and my personal favourite) The Boot-Bag
Elizabeth Anne has contemplated this dilemma and come up with the ultimate solution.  It is footwear with a compartment for your stuff...and it helps that her boots are totally awesome. 

So, for all you ladies who need to be free of the bag-burden, these are your perfect solutions to the handbag hassle. 



Friday, August 8, 2014

LKISObsession: Sephora Press Pods, a true Mani-Cure

Count on Sephora to give you 24 manicures in one adorable and colourful box.  
The Formula X Press Pods are vibrant single manicures in a convenient kit. 

Spotted this in Europe and fell in love. 
PERFECT for travelling (like those beach days when you chip your nails and don't feel like going out and buying a whole new nail lacquer).

Oh, and by the way it's now on sale! From $47 down to $28:

Comes in these colours: 

The 24 set contains: 

Flashy (bright red), Power Source (hot coral), Kelvin (hot tangerine), Invincible (warm vanilla), Unmistakable (pastel jade), Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite green), Prism (mermaid green pearl), High Frequency (bright turquoise), Continuum (sky blue), Omni (beach ball blue), Infamous (teal and purple metallic duochrome), Legend (maroon and rainbow metallic duochrome), Harmonics (deep lilac), Perfection (smoky violet), Pedal to the Metal (pearl violet), Heroic (lilac and gold metallic duochrome), Hercules (hot rose pink), Potent (carnation pink), Riotous (dark magenta), Outrageous (lavender mist), Gray Matter (charcoal gray), Extraordinary (iceberg gray), Need for Speed (metallic silver), and White Matter (opaque bright white). 

They also have a smaller seven-piece set available for $19. 

Made WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates 

Talk about a Mani-cure, 



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio Ogoodness, The It's Almost Fall Preview, Back to School for Grown-Ups

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I am not ready to think about shopping for cold weather, but, alas, it's that time when we start to contemplate those Fall fashions and this season let's begin our preview with one of my favourite looks. 

Here are four Back to School-inspired trends for every woman this Fall 2014: 

1. Clunky Flats: 
Alright ladies, enjoy footwear that is comfortable and stylish this season with chunky flats with a menswear flare. 

2. Pleasing Plaid:
Not just for the school uniform, plaid is where its at for everyone.  Try a plaid coat or cape for a more updated interpretation of this trend. 

3. Backpacks: 
Save your back and style your outfit with a designer backpack.  This modern take on a student's must-have is the perfect way to cart your adult accessories. 

4. School colours Grey, Blue and Green:
When I think school uniforms, I always think of the greys, blues and greens.  Well, this season these classic colours are going to be for hall monitors and fashionistas alike! 

We are just getting warmed up on the Fall fashion front, but I figure it's better to be prepared, right? 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Outfit Post, Vacation in White, Part 2

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Alright, so vacation is a fun thing, right?  But packing can be ultra stressful, right? Well, my approach this year was to aim for black and white pieces with bold accents.  That made for easy-peesy accessorizing and a look that took me out on the town every night. 

For the first of my white looks (if you wanna see the black ones head here: I opted for pearlized jewellery. 

For this outfit, I decided to mix off and true white with a peasant top and the best skinny jeans from American Apparel

Then for my second white look, I grabbed my trusty Michael Kors purse (I love this goes with EVERYTHING). 

Put on a statement necklace with gold, silver and turquoise for colour. 

And, my favourite new sandals that are Birkenstock-style and ultra-comfy. 

Finally, I added some arm candy that I picked up at an outdoor market!

This Zara outfit was a matching skirt and accented T-Shirt: 

The final look by the sea?  Here it is: 

Packing this year for vacation was pretty darn easy- opting for black and white made for effortless style while destressing! There is still one more vacation outfit post to go- check out next for #3!



Friday, July 25, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Outfit Post, Vacation in Black and White, Part 1

Today on Virgin Radio: my vacation packing in black and white!

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This year I headed on vacation and decided that I was going to bring mostly black and white.  Simple, crisp, easy to pair with accessories and shoes and universally flattering, I managed to pack my bag with these two colour essentials. 
So, I figured I would delve into how I packed and put it all together to create 6 different looks in black and white.  Here is part 1, the black outfits. 

I brought a cute black purse and decided I would stick with silver tones to accent the look. 

Silver jewellery to tie it together. 

One dress was black lace, which added a bit of depth and texture to the outfit. 

The other dress I brought had beaded and mirrored straps, which added a pop of fun colour. 

The shoes?  Oldies, but goodies: Gucci sandals with purple piping and red block heels, perfect for after-dinner walks and dancing the night away on vacation. 

The final looks: 
My lace dress...

And, my red-accented shift. 

The thing I love about black and white is that it works on every skin-tone, is always elegant and looks put together no matter what the occasion, not to mention seriously simplifies the packing process. 
Wanna see more?  Check out my white looks in part 2 and 3 next week on

Happy travels! 



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, My Top 5 Summer-Ready Style Must-Haves

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Hello from the beach! 
And, while I am hanging in the sun, I started to think about the must-haves that make hitting the beach a practical and stylish occasion.
Here are my top 5 essential items to be perfectly beach-ready this summer:

1. The Perfect Skin Protector

So, of course if you are going to be out in the sun for a more than a few minutes, sun block is essential.  Enter my favourite products from Hawaiian Tropic.  Check out my review here:

2. Haircare Heaven

Your skin isn't the only thing that needs protection! I know we all forget about it, but our hair could use a little luvin' too! Grab this L'Oreal Professionel product that protects your hair from all those damaging sun rays: SOLAR SUBLIME Mexoryl S.O. UV-Protect Advanced Protection Conditioning Spray

3. The To-Die-For Beach Bag

A stylish beach bag is a total must-have. The perfect accent to any outfit and a necessity for carting around that great beach read, your oversized sunglasses and sunblock! My ideal beach bag is metallic, because I think those shiny totes are perfectly glamorous for reflecting all that summer sun.
4. Stylin' Sandals

You know about my obsessions this summer: Gladiators and slides (Birkenstocks or shoes that look like them if you can stomach it).  I like something with a little bling and yet completely practical.  Check out my sand-ready sandals I have been sporting during my vacay:

5. Faux-Glow Fabulousness

Finally, the key to laying on the shore is faking your baking.  My favourite all time self-tanner is St. Tropez Self Bronzing Lotion, which goes on brown so you can see if you left any streaks, gives an awesome golden glow and smells the least offensive of all the self-tanners I have tried.

Alright peeps, now you are ready to hit the beach in style...See you in the sun!
Oh, and the ultimate must-have? 
Order me a glass of bubbly, would ya!



Friday, July 4, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, How to Dress for Summer Weddings

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Wedding season is officially in full swing.  Last week I attended lovely nuptials and I was reminded that weddings in the summer are a whole other style ballgame. Aside from the normal wedding must-dos, in the summer there are some additional tips to make you fashion fabulous. 

So, here are my tips for summer style wedding bliss:

1. Wear shoes with room: 
Your feet swell when you are in high heels. Well, add in sweltering heat and you need a bit of extra wiggle room for your swollen piggies. Try shoes with straps or open toe or heel so that once your feet do swell, they have somewhere to go. 

2. Florals are right on the mark:
I have to say that florals are the perfect summer print for a wedding.  Universally flattering, utterly romantic and perfectly appropriate, this print is ideal whether your event is formal or not.  

3. Add a splash of colour:
For those of us (ahem, me) who are prone to formal black, there definitely needs to be a splash of colour somewhere in your outfit. I tend to grab dresses with extra details and add colour through a great bag, jazzy shoes or a fun print. 

4. Commitment free hair:
What is worse than sweating at a hot wedding? Uh, sweating hairspray. My suggestion for heat-proof wedding hair is something that doesn't melt (yuck) and something that won't be ruined by humidity and dancing, like a straight down 'do with some body. 

5. Day to night:
Days are way longer in the summer, so that means most weddings will actually start in daylight.  Keep this in mind when applying your makeup and try to create a look that transitions gracefully from day to night.  
Also, makeup is another area where you want to avoid the melting problem.  Go light on face paint (foundation, concealer) and stick with a powder which will absorb moisture and eliminate sheen.  

Ready to hit the dance floor (or the open bar)? 
Now, you definitely will be.