Friday, October 31, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 4 Beauty Trends to Try Straight From the Runway at World Mastercard Fashion Week

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Last week, I checked out Canadian fashion as it hit the runway for World Mastercard Fashion Week.  But it wasn't just the style that I was watching! I also spotted four beauty trends that we should all watch for in Spring/Summer 2014. 

Want to get ahead of the cosmetic curve?  
Try one of these four beauty looks straight from the runway at World Mastercard Fashion Week

(All images courtesy of Opique Photo)

1. Creative Eyeliner: Smoldering smoke or fresh white, either way eyeliner was where it's at. 

2. Pucker up: Red lips were a signature in multiple shows (and it's so simple: Apply lipstick and you are good to go). 
3. Brown Smoke: Lighter and super-70s inspired, the smoky brown eye was a makeup winner. 
4. Two-tone: Each lip in a different shade of the same colour was fresh and modern. 

World Mastercard Fashion Week is all about checking out the designs and clothes, but along with that comes the beauty trends to watch for next season.  Being ahead of the beauty game is a snap with these four looks that you can try while there is still snow on the ground. 



Thursday, October 23, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio Toronto, Trend-Spotting at World Mastercard Fashion Week Day 1 and 2

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World Mastercard Fashion Week is underway right here in Toronto and it's so fun to see the clothes, the makeup and of course the other attendees!
Style blogger Lisa Kisber from LKisstyle says two looks are being strongly represented through the shows.

Trends she spotted:
1) Barely there make-up AND the bold red lip

2) The Basic Black and White: Tons of Black and White for this upcoming season.
3) Leatherette: Not the most weather-appropriate choice but still it is going to be hot this spring (literally and figuratively).
4) That 70’s show: The 70s are back with a vengeance. Think fringe, flared pants.
5) Cut outs: This trend is sticking with us through next season. Think of it as your regular clothes, just with pieces missing or replaced by shear fabric. Peek-a-boo!
Photos courtesy of Opique Photography



Monday, October 20, 2014

LKISStyle: My Big Top Booby Ball Outfit

This past Friday I attended Boobyball- a fabulous event in Toronto to raise money for the fight again breast cancer.  Aside from it being a super fun evening (think bean bag toss, clowns, acrobats, and loads of fun giveaways) this not-be-missed soiree was also a great excuse to get dressed up according to this year's theme: Big Top Booby

So, here is my take on what I would look like if I ran away to the fashion circus: 

My makeup: Loads of black eyeliner to add a little drama and gold lipstick for some sparkle. 

A black top hat, complete with glitter-covered rose and metallic mesh. 

Kat Maconie platforms for a splash of gold and purple: 

And, Tova jewelry for a blast of colourful bling: 

The three ring circus was on my fingers with these rings from H&M

Add in a beaded shift from All Saints, a long blazer from Zara and the essential paten black clutch and here is the complete look: 

My best accessory of the night? 
A foam red nose and great company: 



Friday, October 17, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Black Essentials for Any Wardrobe

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When it comes to fashion, nothing says style like black.  
Aside from its clean simplicity, it also happens to be extremely flattering on any skin tone and minimizes the visual appearance of one's silhouette (aka: it makes you look skinnier).

Open my closet and it looks like I attend a funeral at least 3 times a week, but that is because when it comes to black, I am a straight up addict.  It's my go-to colour and when building any wardrobe, having the black essentials is key. 

So, here are my five must-have black staples for every girl: 

1. The Little Black Bag 
No matter what the occasion, a black purse is a great way to go.  It can dress up an outfit or just be that inconspicuous added touch to your finished look. 

 (bags shown from TopShop

2.  The Little Black Blazer
The black blazer is my personal favourite.  Throw it on with jeans to polish a casual get-up or style it with a pair of pants for a job interview. I usually wear a black blazer when I travel, so that my slouchy outfit looks a little less grungy after an overnight flight. 
(blazers shown from H&M

3. The little Black Boot
I'd like to think of myself as a black boot collector...okay, maybe hoarder?! These little gems are the best footwear, again, for any occasion.  Find a comfy pair and you are golden. 
(boots shown from Aldo)

4. The Little Black Pant 
Black pants are infinitely flattering and with so many silhouettes in style these days (skinny, flare, cropped, baggy), there truly is the perfect pair for every frame.  
(pants shown from Asos)

5. The Little Black Dress
There is a reason why at every event you go to you inevitably are in a sea of black dresses. What is that reason? Well, black hides our imperfections, making it the most ideal way to look your best.  That and it screams chic!
(dresses shown from BCBG)

With these 5 basic building blocks added to your wardrobe, you will always have a stylish outfit at your fingertips.  
Sorry orange, but black is the new black. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

LKISBeauty: New Youtube Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Review + Tips for Wearing Color Eyeshadow Trend

There is a new LKISBeauty product review up on YouTube, I am reviewing Shu Uemura Brave Beauty eyeshadow palettes and giving you some tips on how to sport one of the biggest trends in makeup this season: Crayola-coloured eyeshadow. 



Thursday, October 2, 2014

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Trend-spotting Four Must-Have Looks in London, England

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal I sum up my fashion adventures last weekend in London! I spotted 4 major trends on the british streets.  Read all about it on Virgin Radio... 

or right here!

This past weekend I was in England.  
Sounds crazy I know, but I hopped on a flight to the UK for five short days and of course managed to scope out all the trends on the streets of London. 

So, here are four looks everyone (and I mean everyone) was sporting English-style. 

1. The Fringe bag: 
Fringe abounded and in every possible permutation.  I saw clutches, knapsacks, satchels and hobos. 
Swinging London took on a whole new meaning...

2. The Mega Moto Jacket: 
On boys and girls, this was a staple seen everywhere in London.  Worn with jeans, more leather or even sweatpants (gotta love that this trend made its way across the pond), this go-to outerwear was perfect for London weather and I managed to snap up a faux leather one in grey-purple...sweet! 

3. The Split-Knee Jean: 
I am not sure I get this one...I mean, it very obviously looks like manufactured distress, but nonetheless, this was by far the most spotted trend in London.  Skinny split-knee jeans are clearly a denim do in England. 

4. The Chunky Boot: 
This footwear style is right up my Diagon alley (Pardon the Potter reference, but I can't help it...I visited some of the movie's locations in Oxford!).

I hopped on board the boot bandwagon so much so that I snapped up a pair at River Island (England's answer to H&M) that were faux suede over-the-knee's how I styled them inspired by England (and, okay, maybe a little Potter-spiration, too). 

I love travelling and I have to say part of my adventures are all about taking in the style I see abroad. Want to look like Cara Delevigne's cousin? Or Kate Moss's BFF?  Well, these London trends are sure to get you on your British way.