Sunday, May 22, 2016

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 4 Tips to Conquer Bathing Suit Shopping

Ugh. Bathing suit shopping.  It's definitely not the best.  But there are a few tips to make the process less painful (as much as that is possible) and to help you step out feeling fabu in your swimwear. 

Here are 4 tips on how to conquer swimwear season.

1. Be honest 
Really evaluate what looks good...and works for your frame!

2. Ignore the size
Size 12? Size 2? Who cares!!! Pick the bathing suit that fits you best. 

3. Pick comfort
You never want to be the one on the sidelines missing out on the beach blanket bingo cuz you feel like you can't move around poolside.  

4. Smart Picks Rule
Use colours and prints to play up or downplay your best and worst assets (this works hand in hand with #1). 

Alright, so now go forth and get that bathing suit and hit the water with a little swagger in your front stroke, knowing that you look mermaid-fabulous. 



Sunday, May 15, 2016

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Why I am Fangry (fashion angry) at this Season's Crop Tops

Sometimes trends make me fashion-angry.  A term I like to call: Fangry.  This season it's crop tops that are really getting my goat. I will be chatting with Lee Haberkorn on Virgin Radio this afternoon about my fashion rant toward these mini-shirts. 

In every store, on every street, I am seeing so many of these belly-bearing toppers and I am over it.  Big Time. 

Here's why: 

1.Where am I going in one? 
Seriously?  To the office?  I can just imagine trying to be taken seriously in any scenario with my belly button waving hello. 

2. Who has those abs? 
I probably know two people who actually should wear a crop top and even then I have to say that this is a situation in which I just don't think it matters!!!

3. But they would be so nice!
These tops would be gorgeous with a few extra inches on them! Add more length and they could have been amazing.  Coulda, shoulda woulda...

4. Mega Trend Overload
So, what is worse than a big trend this season that gets overplayed?  A big trend that is totally unwearable!!!

5. At What Age?!
Crops tops on my 6 year old niece? Yes. Crop tops on anyone else that has passed puberty....not so much. 

Expressing your style seething is the first step toward being totally fashion zen! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Lost Your Winter Weight? 5 Style Tips on What to do now

Inspired by my good friend and co-host on air of my fashion segment on Virgin Radio, Lee Haberkorn, I am feeling ready to make some changes! Okay, okay, it also puts a bit of a fire under my a** because I just had a baby and summer is fast approaching...So, for all of you who have already made those positive changes, here are a few tips on how to style your new bod. And, hopefully I will be giving myself the same advice in a few weeks (months?). 

1. Get a good tailor:
No need to throw out the clothes-baby with the fashion bathwater. Take your now too big stuff to an excellent tailor for an update that won't require a total wardrobe overhaul. 

2. Dress for your new shape:
You used to wear baggy pants to hide your rump, or you wore a wide belt to create a waist? Well, the rules have changed and so have the body parts you may or may not want to highlight.  Take a good look in the mirror and assess your shape, it will require an evolved approach. 
Check out my buddy, Lee Haberkorn from Virgin Radio, who has been kicking his own butt at Victoria Park! Go Lee!

3. Don't invest yet:
If you aren't done your cleanse/diet/lifestyle change yet, don't go spending a ton on new clothes.  Wait until your desired plateau is reached before dishing out major cash on clothes.  

4. Take a risk:
It's a brand new body-world when you have finally made positive changes to your physique.  Now is the time to take your confidence to the style bank and get something you never would have before. Feel proud and confident in your new silhouette!

5. Treat yourself: 
You worked hard.  No one can even know how hard you worked, that is, of course, until you go out and buy yourself something epically fabulous to mark the occasion.  Rewards will keep you feeling positive and make you more likely to maintain your new found physique. (But, again, my recommendation is invest in something that doesn't require a size change if you keep going!)



Sunday, May 1, 2016

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Summer Basics Everyone Needs

With summer around the corner, we are all busy talking about trends, trends, trends....but what about the basics?! Those staples that round out your closet and are the building blocks of any stylish gals warm weather wardrobe are a total must.  

So, here are 5 of my summer basic must-haves!
(All items pictured from Neiman Marcus)

1. The Blank Canvas, The White Tee
A perfect white T-shirt is like a clean backdrop; It lets the rest of the outfit sing! The ideal fit is a must and go for the collar that suits your neckline (v-neck is a good bet for most). Pair with a statement necklace and denim for casual-fabulousness all summer long.  

2. Daisy Duke Denim 
Jean shorts are a way to complete your look with a causal and edgy touch. Distressed details add some rock and roll and the comfort factor is not to be downplayed. Grab a pair of strappy sandals and a blazer for a night on the town or throw on a tank, some funky running shoes and a light cardigan for a road-trip-worthy get-up. 
 3. The LPD (Little Pattern Dress)
Pattern is like a basic in summer.  It adds seasonal colour and texture to your wardrobe and makes for some colour matching fun. Wear your LPD to the office with toe-covered espadrilles, on a date with metallic sandals, or to go grocery shopping in your Stan Smiths. 
4. The White Blazer
A blazer is the best way to look polished and be prepared for air-con or a cooler evening breeze. The fact that it is white keeps it from looking too heavy in summer. Throw it over a T-Shirt (see number 1!!) for an easy-chic vibe, or pair it with a tight tank and some cute capris for a ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude. 

5. Cart it All Colour: 
A bright tote is a fun way to add some pizzazz to your summer style and a tote is ideal as the weather warms up. Why? Well, you will need a spot to stash your water bottle, sunscreen, lipgloss, sunglasses, and extra layers as you peel them off. If you don't mind a little sand at the bottom, it can always double as a beach bag. 

Now you are basically ready for summer! 



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LKISStyle: On Global Morning, Spring Shoe Trends

I was on Global chatting all about shoe trends for Spring 2016! Had a blast chatting metallics, tribal print, personalizing and it all here:


Friday, April 8, 2016

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Must-Try Spring Style Trends

Spring is in the air! Fiiiiiiinally! And that means a reason to shop/rifle through your closet and try some of the hottest trends for this season. 

So, here are the first 5 of my top picks for looks that are all the rage this Spring: 

1. Oversized Bouquet: 
What says that winter is over like a batch of beautiful florals?! Go for the larger print for a more modern version of this classic. (All looks pictured from
 2. Cry on my Shoulder: 
Bare shoulders is, in my opinion, a great way to appear sexy without taking off too many layers.  Perfect for spring weather and not yet-ready-for-bikini-season bods. 
(All looks pictured from
 3. Pleats Please: 
Micropleats are in my mind an homage to all things fabulously Studio 54.  Be weary though ladies, as this trend does not subtract from your silhouette. 
(All looks pictured from
 4. Be a Star in Stripes: 
Can't you just picture Paris in the Springtime when I say stripes are on trend?! Sleek and sophisticated this print is a classic but also super on-trend this season.  Try mixing it with florals for a next-level style statement. 
(All looks pictured from
 5. Fall Short: 
Nothing makes this gal happier than a way-short hemline and low and behold, Spring 2016 is all about the mini. Grab some self-tanner to keep from blinding everyone and then let this be your nod to temperatures about to get hot, hot, hot. 
(All looks pictured from
Ready for spring? Um, now you are! 
Stay tuned...part 2 in next week.