Monday, August 17, 2015

LKISStyle: Outfit Post, Viktor & Rolf in the South of France

What do I do on vacation?  I play dress up.  Every outfit on my vacation is a thrown together mix of items I have snapped up on my travels and pieces I have decided to bring on my trip.
The process of picking what to pack is painstaking: I almost feel bad leaving some things at home!
I think my relationship to my clothes is a little bananas...but hey, I am totally cool with that. 

So, this outfit came to together after I had to have these Viktor & Rolf shoes...the rest is vacation- styling history....

I decided to go a little darker in my eye makeup with black being my highlighting outfit colour.  I also picked a pair of over-the-top colour-wow earrings that mimicked the movement on my dress...

...the black fringe on the bottom of this LA find: 

Put all together and what do you have? My outfit for a night out in the south of France: 
This all started with the shoes. 
Now that is the perfect start, if you ask me.



Friday, August 14, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, DFYO, Doing Fashion Yourself Online...The New DIY

I am artsy.  I am craftsy, but I am also busy. So, my creative ways often fall by the wayside and while fashion is the way I express myself, I always appreciate an extra step where I can make my style even more "my own." 

I came across an article about the COLOURING ASSEMBLY dresses that were shown in 2009.  These dresses were black and white patterns that the wearer could then colour-in to her hearts content. Well, that got me to thinking: How else can I customize my fashion without busting out my sewing machine?

Here are 4 awesome ways to add your own spin to to your style without getting too elbow-deep in DIYing: 
1. Tiffany Pratt Canvas Collection 
TIffany Pratt is on HGTV 's Buy it! Fix it! Sell it! and seems to be an all around creative type.  She came up with this capsule canvas collection, where literally your clothes are made out of treated canvas. Feel like painting your house without having to worry about where you are wiping your hands? Or, just feel like having a messenger bag that shows your inner Monet? Well, this is it. (available at

2. Neiman Marcus Custom Manolos
If you are more designer-wearer than designer-period, head to Neiman Marcus for your very own made-to-order Blahniks. I just think it's cool that I can kinda collaborate with the guy that changed shoes (and Sex in the City) for everyone. (Available at

3. Shoes of Prey
If you really want to get in and feel like a shoe designer, head online to Shoes of Prey for a true experience in customization. My photographer cousin, Carley Mackinnon, told me about this site, and I thought...uh, oh. For the shoe addict this is ammmmmaaaaaazzzzziiiiinnnnng. The Australian company let's you take the helm and then if your shoes aren't quite right, within a year (yes, a year) you can have them redone and sent back, no charge. (Available at

4. Bow & Drape 
Bow & Drape is the perfect way to express yourself. Cute tops and accessories can be blazoned with your most brazen phrase, so all the world knows you got something to say! (Available at
I love gluing, cutting and pinning as much as the next gal, but a little shortcut in showing some personality sounds wonderful to me. 



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My First EVER Eyelash Extensions at Winks! And 5 things to Know!

New post today on Virgin Radio
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I headed to Winks Eyelash Boutique in Yorkville, Toronto, to finally give eyelash extensions a go.  How was it? Well, watch this video for my experience there and then read on for the 5 things I learned about eyelash extensions: 

1. The procedure takes a while: 
It does take a long time. I didn't really notice because I was chatting away with my lash expert at Winks.  In fact, I didn't believe her when she said I had been sitting there for an hour and 45 minutes! 

2....But it lasts a while, too!
6 weeks, people! With maybe a touch up at week three to fill in any lashes that have fallen out. 

3. It does require some care: 
Honestly, I barely notice. A little brushing after I wake up or dry off from a shower, some cleaning (which you have to clean your face anyway!), and an application of sealant every few all feels like nothing in comparison to the joy of my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lashes. 

4. It's expensive BUT so is other stuff:
There is not doubt that this is not for the girl on a tight budget. Ranging at different establishments from 130$ to 375$, this is an investment.  But when I got to thinking about this, I started to do the math: 
I mean you need one application and then you go back every three weeks for touch-ups (which can cost 40$-60$). Which totals to about $1200 for the year. I know mascara and makeup remover cost way less (closer to $200 for the year), but contemplate the wrinkles and skin treatment you are saving on! Applying makeup takes time and removing makeup definitely takes its toll on your eyes and skin...

5. I feel good at moments in which I never normally feel that great:  
Getting out of the shower? Jumping in the pool?  Waking up first thing in the morning?  These are not normally my finest hours...but with eyelash extensions you kind of always look "done." And, for that, I am hooked. 



Tuesday, August 4, 2015

LKISEvents: Essence Paintnite and August LKISGiveaway

Essence and I have a good relationship. Smart packaging, ridiculously reasonable products that are worth every penny, and cute branding...ya, I dig it. 

Well,  I was invited to check out what is coming this fall for Essence Cosmetics at their Paintnite, in Toronto.  I headed over to find my inner artiste with Jenn Nachshen (and by the way, the contest info is at the bottom). 

We were invited to paint canvases and eat sweet treats that were all art-school-inspired.

Painting wasn't just for the canvas though, we could also get our nails done with their (I find this unbelievable) no lamp gel polish.
New for fall are the Nudes- lipsticks, nail lacquers and eyeshadows that are a bit more sophisticated than expected for this brand. Jenn and I both got our makeup done and I have to say we were both pleasantly surprised by the nudes.
I loved inspecting their full line and seeing what goodies I might get my beauty-lovin hands on. 

I was flipping for the volumizing lash powder (which is now in all of their mascaras btw). 

So here is the best part...I am giving a BUNCH of the new Essence line awaaaaaaaay.  To enter my giveaway, just follow me on Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #LKISGiveaway! It's that simple, people, really.



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Lole White Tour Inspires my Yoga Revolution, in Style of Course!

New special Wednesday edition post up on Virgin Radio
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I would not call myself, well, hippy dippy yoga girl. But I dig comfy clothes that are fashionable and it seems that Lole is moving us all in that direction. 

I was invited to the Lole White Tour. This yearly shin dig is a huge yoga experience that happens in a ton of major cities...and, on August 8th from 8am-2pm, it's gonna come to the fine streets of MTL, at Jacques Cartier Quay.  For 40$, you will be warrior posing complete with DJ and live music from Milk and Bone, a free yoga mat and gift bag, a healthy lunch provided by Oikos from Danone, alongside a sea of bendy people in white. 

So that got me to thinking...what can you do to align your inner shakras without comprising your personal style? I headed to Lole to get my answer. 

 1. Try something Sheer: 
How much do I love that yoga can be kinda sexy?! These Yogita leggings are beyond awesome (and the black ones were sold out because, I mean, I would wear these out, wouldn't you?!).
 2. Mesh it up: 
A little bit of mesh takes your yoga gear from incense-only to totally sporty-spice in no time. 
 3. Get warmed up: 
A down-filled trapeze shaped jacket? Um, yes paleez. Perfect for hightailing it out of the yoga studio and onto the town. 

4. Get a Yoga bag that will have you namastaying all over the place: 
The Lole yoga bags are stellar. Period.  I even got one. It has a slot in the front for your yoga mat, a slot inside for your phone and laptop and a leash for your keys. Plus they are water resistant and range in price from 140-200$.  
 5. Accessories Rule: 
Nothing says stylish yogi like accents that tell the world who you are and that you are one fashionably zen being. Lole has a bunch of accessories from different brands (including TOMS) and I loved the beads, bags and bad-ass sunglasses I spotted. 
So, will I downward dog all day? Probably not.  
But yoga is sounding mighty fun if it means a whole new wardrobe that works in everyday life and at ashtanga. 



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LKISStyle: New Video Up on Youtube, More AS98 Shoes

I know you guys saw Lee Haberkorn and I hanging out and shoe shopping at AS98 in Montreal (if you didn't, watch it here:
Well, there is a second one! Watch it here: