Friday, July 3, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Santorini Style-Spotting

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal,​ I chat about the stylish finds I am spotting while travelling in Santorini, Greece! 

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OR right here!!!

I am on my honeymoon...and I know, I know, it's all about romance and sunsets....but would I be me if I didn't scope out all the trends and styles I am spotting on my travels?! Um...NO!!!

So, we have been hanging on the magnificent island of Santorini.  And while, the guide books won't tell you that this is a fashion capital or anything, I am here to tell you this majestic spot is chalk full of shopping finds and stylish looks.  Here are some of the cool things I checked out since I have been here (and may end up purchasing...cuz seriously, we know who I am). 

1. Flowy linens 
Unisex options abound of linens made into caftans, dresses and full-out outfits.  I actually chatted with a Greek designer, Balkam Bloose, (pictured on the left) who was sporting his own designs. There is just something super organic about the whole vibe. 

2. Chunky metallic pieces
Jewellery is everywhere on this island and I love all the intense, geometric, statement accessories that accent the airy aesthetic of Santorini in the most perfectly balanced way. 
Another Greek designer was sporting her own designs made of malleable silver and bone.  

3. Beautiful Bling  
Speaking of jewellery, the real stuff ain't half bad here either.  Tiny charming streets are lined with windows overflowing with gems and metals...and lots of gold. 

4. Greek key design 
You would think that this would be a bit touristy or gimmicky, but I am totally falling for the traditional Greek print that adorns clothes, jewellery and accessories here. It evokes a feeling of history and style all at the same time. 
 5. Protection against the evil eye
So, historically to guard against the evil eye, some mediterranean cultures used talismans, and in Greece it's known as the "eye." Well, step right up and get your own protection for a couple of euros. There are all kinds of fun bracelets and amulets you can get your hands on.  I think these colourful and mystical pieces are a delightful addition to any arm party (and one can always use a little extra protection!). 

Wanna see my finds as they happen? Check out my instagram for all up-to-the-minute snaps of my trip:

Travel is one the most interesting ways to absorb fashion and style and Santorini is no different.  Now, the only issue is fitting all that great stuff in my suitcase on the way home! 



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LKISStyle: Outfit Post, My Looks in Lake Como

So, a last minute flight cancellation meant that my trip had to be rerouted to Bellagio, Lake Como. Well, needless to say this was NOT a bad thing! 
(this is a picture of the filter!!!)

What's a girl to wear to a fancy dinner by the fresh Como waters? 
Well, I grabbed my favourite white wedges, a statement necklace with pearl accents, and my latest fun addition to my wardrobe, my 'Just Married' clutch! 
 I pieced together a light peach t-shirt and even lighter pink stretch flare skirt from BCBG
 Down the grand staircase and I was ready to dine at the molecular gastronomy resto Mistral at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbellioni!

Our second night was time to dress for a trattoria, Antico Pozzo (complete with amazing pizza and pasta that I will be dreaming about...). 
 I decided to go for the gold with my accessories: 
 A nude mini Prada was purse my of choice: 

And, the finished look was casual with a bit sparkle, which was perfect for the cobblestone streets of Bellagio. 
Am I sad to leave Lake Como? 
You bet...but I promise there are still plenty more outfits to come on this trip! 
Isn't that what travelling is all about?


Friday, June 26, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, That 70s Khaki/Neutral Show

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal: Chatted all about that 70s neutral/khaki vibe I am loving this summer - If you wanna, Read it THERE:

or right here!

Feeling that khaki, neutrals 70s vibe?
If you aren't ready to go on safari, try these on for size for that super-stylish I-might-spot-a-lion energy.

Here are my top 5 ways to wear this very chic trend:

1. Crisp white never looked better
Mix in a basic Tee or tank in white to look cool (in the aesthetic way and in the temperature way).

2. Swinging Fringe
If  you want to take your neutrals to the next level, fringe it up.  This whole look is1970s-inspired and  couldn't be more hot this season... and next (which means your fringe pieces will get extra-long wear!).

3. Safari Dress
Perfectly simple and kinda' Lara Croft, this wardrobe staple will quickly become a go-to favourite.  Dress it up for a night out, or pair it will some flats for a great summer work-look.
4. The One-Piece
Whether it's a romper (short) or a jumpsuit (long) this silhouette is so perfect and playful for summer.

5. Add some bling
Want to jazz up those neutrals for a hot summer night out? Add some sparkle for what I think is the ideal style combo of tough and girly. 
Check out why I am loving it for this summer on my video for Le Chateau!

You are now ready for a fashion-filled safari!



Thursday, June 25, 2015

LKISStyle: Top 5 Packing Hacks for a Stylish Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation anyone?  I have travel on the brain these days (I am packing to head off to my destination wedding!!! OMG!!!).  So, it is all about packing with smarts and style and I have just the packing tips to make sure your fashion isn't compromised as you get your globetrotting on this summer! 

Here are my top 5 packing hacks for summer vacay: 

1.  Pack Basics and layers: 
Black and white, denim, metallics, these are all great go-to essentials that will have you looking chic and coordinated, day and night, all vacation long. Add in some layers to prepare for hotel air-conditioning or that mid-flight chill and you will be beyond prepared. 
 3. Pack stylish, smart shoes: 
Shoes take up the MOST room in any suitcase.  Whether it's a long weekend away or a two week stint in French wine country, you need to get thinking about what kind of footwear will work for you. I highly recommend flatforms that are extremely on-trend this season and happen to work day-to-night.  I also love metallic shoes for an added touch of bling that can jazz up any outfit. 
 4. Take care of your jewels and gems: 
Accessorizing is a great way to keep your wardrobe looking fresh while on vacation.  But jumble all your jewellery in a little bag and watch it change from precious pieces to a pile of junk along the way.  Some cool jewellery hacks? Put your studs through a button to keep them in pairs and to keep the posts from bending; thread your chains through a straw to prevent a tangled mess; and, place your more precious items in a pill box for organization and protection. Finally, do me a favour: don't check your good jewellery...lost bags and theft can be extra painful if your heirloom earrings are gone with them.   
 4. Get rid of liquids: 
Airline regulations are definitely annoying, but the elimination of liquids I am kinda okay with.  Liquids leaking is one of the perils of travel (especially air-travel).  So try your best to eliminate unessary liquids. I love these products: Anti-frizz sheets from Kerastase and solid perfume from Elizabeth and James (available at Sephora). 

5. Find your minis: 
Most companies are now recognizing that travel means downsizing. Enter all kinds of travel mini-sizes available for purchase from your favourite brands. Some of my all-stars that are on the travel-size train: Kerastase and Caudalie.  

Alright, now we are ready for our adventures to begin! 
Bon Voyage!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

LKISBeauty: My Secret Abba Obsession is Out With Inglot + Mamma Mia

I was always obsessed with Abba.  I would sit for hours and look at my parents old records and wonder how I could ever get to wear outfits like those...Well, enter Mamma Mia and it was like my world exploded.  It took my beloved Abba tunes, added in a great story, and topped it off with hair, makeup and wardrobe that could fire up my imagination all over again.

Sooooooo, when I heard that Inglot was inviting a bunch of us to check out the cast of Mamma Mia because this cosmetic brand, known for its vibrancy and selection, is collaborating with this epic show...I was in, in, in.

The name of the game with Inglot is colour and there is no shortage of that in this capsule collection. 

I also loved their shimmer powder which was so fine and beautiful, perfect on or off the stage.

The lipsticks were amazing, including a trio of perfect pinks and a bold blue that was made for the street style junky. 

Crazy eyelashes screamed Mamma Mia and the blue nail polishes were bang on given the trends this season. 

The highlight for me was the almost luminescent lip gloss that every girl needs to feel like her life is lit up like the lights on Broadway! 

I came fresh faced and had my makeup done by one of their amazing makeup artists. 

Want to see more and watch what some of the cast of Mamma Mia thinks of this collection? Click the video below: 

There is a huge possibility I am humming Dancing Queen as I write this post....


Friday, June 19, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My Top Tips to Make You a Print-cess

New post up on Virgin Radio
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I don't know about you, but I was always taught that prints need solids, like peanut butter needs jam.  A fear of looking too busy, of drawing too much attention or looking uncoordinated (gawd forbid!) drove this theory and I think most people have totally bought in. I am here to tell you that this summer you should throw that idea out the window. 

Mixing prints is fresh, interesting, and alluringly vibrant.  Feeling like mixing up prints is a little on the daunting side? Here are my tips on how a beginner can tackle this fashion "do" in total style. 

1. Go for black and white: 
This is a great way to dip your toes in the mixed print pool. It's chic, and doesn't require too much thought.  

2. Mix prints where you are comfy: 
Have a body part that you are confident about? Make sure that your boldest print is drawing attention to that spot, because the nature of print is that the eye is drawn to it! 

3. Don't over-think it: 
One of the best ways to get on the mixed-print-party-train is to just give it a go.  Having fun with it!  Playing with bold unexpected colours and patterns will have you looking like Miss Fashion, instead of mismatched. 
(Photo courtesy of Opique Photography)

Want to see my take on mixing prints at the new Le Chateau in Fairview? Here is my latest video:

Grab your polka dots, add a dash of your florals and a pinch of stripes and mix it up me, it's a recipe that will come out totally fashion-tasty!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

LKISStyle: New Video on Summer Footwear Trends for Le Chateau

Want to know the hottest shoe trends for this summer? Check out my latest video for LE CHÂTEAU!
Watch it right here:

Happy shopping!