Friday, April 24, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Shoe Trend Alert, 5 Flats You Need This Summer

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It's true, once the warmer weather rolls around, I definitely bust out the crazy heels and frankly, all the shoes I have been dying to wear all winter.  But get this: Flats are in.  Big Time. And, while I am super-psyched to wobble through the cobblestone streets of Montreal in my best ridiculous pumps, I am beyond stoked that being flat on my feet is right on trend this season. 

Wanna join the flat-footed-fashion-revolution? Here are the top 5 flats you need in your wardrobe this Summer! 

1. Espadrilles
Woven straw makes up the bottom of these classic shoes. But just because they are classic doesn't mean they can't be cool. A ton of fun pattern, texture and colour options on the market are modernizing this great basic. 

2. Gladiator Sandals
Have these gone out of style, like, ever?  I feel like since 2004, these guys have been lurking around every spring/summer footwear season and this year is no exception. 

3. Metallic Flats
Think black, nude and white are the essential basics for footwear in the summer?  Think again! Metallics are the ultimate go-with-everything hue. 

4. Pointy Flats
Ever wanted to hang with Snap Crackle and Pop?  Well, now is your chance. Pointy flats are all the rage, and while I do find it a little elven-looking, it is still totally in fashion right now. 

5. Flatforms
The flatworm is the fashion god's answer to short people wearing flats.  Now everyone under 5'3" should give thanks this season cuz flatworms are in like gin and that means we all get to have a little godly stature. 

Are you gonna go the flat route this summer? 

Friday, April 17, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Ways and Products to Brighten You Up This Spring

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Okay, so it's spring and it's also my birthday (see how I just slipped that one in there?!).  What does that mean?  Well, it means that I want to look youthful and be ready to face the world! And nothing says that you are ready to head out and about (and that it isn't one of those birthdays) like a totally fresh complexion. 

So here are my top 5 ways and products to brighten you up this spring! 

1. Even out skin tone: 
Nothing says age like dull or unevenly pigmented skin and Neostrata has their finger directly on this pulse with their Secure White products. I love this prod that has SPF in it and is suitable for sensitive skin, to boot.  This awesome line literally erases brown spots and brightens skin, no matter what your skin colour. 

2. Brighten dark circles: 
I was super-stoked when I received a sample of Olay Regenrist Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl. This product immediately brightens your under eye and then treats the area, as well...the brightening part is kinda twinkly, so I know when my man has been dipping in my products...because he has a sparkly patch around his's that good!

3. Tighten to brighten the eyes (and give back to the is earth day soon!): 
Kiehls has come out with a Limited Edition Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, and 100% of net profits will be  used to support the puffins in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation. This program will run for one month in stores and online and I am sure we will be stocking up on these little magic pots so that we don't run out!

4. Brighten the Bod

Brightening your skin isn't just for your face...this (creatively spelled) brand, PRTTY PEAUSHUN,  is all about lifting, tightening and giving you light refracting technology for a slimmer and more perfect looking bod. Talk about feeling good in my birthday suit! 

5. Shine up those locks: 

What says youthful glow like a shiny head of healthy hair? Enter Gloss Appeal by Kerastase which will make your mane shine like a mirror, people. Oh, and all of their products smell amazing, too.

Do I feel a year older? Probably.  Am I hell-bent on not looking like it this spring? You bet. 

Happy Brightening Birthday to everyone!


Friday, April 10, 2015

LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Five Spring Trends I Love to Hate (and Hate to Love)

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Every season there a bunch of new trends that make me go hmmmmm.  These are the styles that intrigue me and drive me a little nuts, because on the one hand I am dying to try them and on the other, there is something so WRONG about them...all at the same time. 

So, here are FIVE of my favourite trends right now that I Love to Hate (and hate to love): 

1. Socks and Sandals
The Trend: Seriously. It's a trend right now.  Teva is even selling its sandals with socks in an effort to make this trend real. 
Why I Kinda Hate it: Um, it's ugly. 
Why I Kinda Love it: It's so ugly that it is kind of cool...right?!

2. Wide Leg Culottes
The Trend: The short pants look is all the rage. 
Why I Kinda Hate it: This is so not flattering and it looks like you are getting ready for the flood. 
Why I Kinda Love it: It is a new pant silhouette which definitely adds interest and it is totally playful. 

3. Polo Shirts
The Trend: Those little Ts with a collar graced the runway in a major way. 
Why I Kinda Hate it: It's preppy overboard and can feel a little stuffy. 
Why I Kinda Love it: It adds polish to any outfit and makes any girl look innocent. 

4. One Shoulder Necklines
The Trend: Designers were very busy creating shoulder-bearing looks for this season. 
Why I Kinda Hate it: I am not the hugest fan of asymmetry in clothing. Especially when it comes to flattering your form asymmetry is not the way to go. 
Why I Kinda Love it: It's sexy for any body type. Period. 

5. Sporty
The Trend: Normcore, athletic influence, I-wear-my-running-shoes-with-a-dress-look. 
Why I Kinda Hate it: You wear your running shoes with your dress?!
Why I Kinda Love it: You can wear your running shoes with your dress. 



Thursday, April 9, 2015

LKISObsession: Forget the iWatch, You Need a Ringly

When I say forget the iWatch, I don't reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly mean it (hint hint birthday is around the corner!).  But I came across Ringly and poof! New obsession emerged. 
So we have all heard of smart watches, bracelets, pendants...but there is definitely something lacking style-wise in a lot of these categories when it comes to fashion-tech. 

Enter Ringly (this is there limited edition one btw): 
Ringly is the vibrating ring. 
Whoa.  My accessories-hoarding mind just exploded (yours too, right?!). 
This is where it gets to merit the phrase "fashion-tech."
They are crafted with 18K gold (okay, now we are talking) and precious and semi-precious stones. 
You download the app and connect your super-cool cocktail ring and then voila, you have four vibration patterns to choose from for your most important messages. 
Bad news? People with teeny-tiny fingers like me are out of luck (they come in sizes 6-8) and if you wanted one yesterday you will have to cool your orders this summer. 
It's enough to make you green with envy. 



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

LKISStyle: Weekly Youtube Beauty Vid, New Smashbox Product Review and Haul

Another product review is up on my Youtube channel
I am chatting all about three new products I received from Smashbox

Check it out here: 

Do you have any of these products?  Let me know what you think! 


Friday, April 3, 2015

LKISEvents: On Virgin Radio, The Top 5 Trends Spotted OFF the Runway at World Mastercard Fashion Week, F/W 2015

Today on Virgin Radio Montreal it's about what the trendsetters at World MasterCard Fashion Week were wearing to this fabulous event! Tune in at 12:30 on-air when I chat with Andrea Collins all about it and definitely Read it:  

Or right HERE! 

Last week we chatted all about the fashions that worked the runway at World MasterCard Fashion Week.  This week it's time to chat about all the fashionable people who attended this fabulous event and what they were wearing!
Here are 5 of the awesome looks I spotted that the trend setters at World Mastercard Fashion Week were sporting in style.      

1.     Red coats 
This glamorous outerwear was a HUGE trend and I must have spotted 15, on one day alone! I love this trend for the Montreal spring season especially, because it adds a pop of colour, but also keeps you warm while we wait for mother nature to get with the program. 

2.     Crazy Coloured Hair
 Pink and red were a favourite with this fashion set. And, I am not talking pastels here, people.  Vibrant hair was spotted all over.  This may not be for the average gal, but maybe try your hand at temporary hair-colour for a non-committal version of this trend. 

3.     Peaked caps (like fashion-y baseball hats)
This headwear was trending hard. It's a mix of androgyny and general I-don't-care-that-much-attitude (that is just soooooo fashionable)...and I am a fan of any trend that let's you get away with a bad hair day!

4.     Pointed manicures 
This completely impractical nail choice was certainly show-stopping.  It is not for me (or anyone who likes regular use of their hands), but it is certainly a style statement. 

5.     Florals 
This look is perfect for spring, and fashionistas at World Mastercard Fashion Week were doing it up floral even though the weather was not so great throughout the week. I love the mix of floral with other prints (even other florals!) for a modern take on this classic pattern. 
So, there you have it, the fashion "off" the runway from the marathon that is fashion week! Are you going to give these trends a try? (I am gonna try number 3 and 5...number 4? Not so much!)



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

LKISStyle: New Le Chateau Videos Up, Neutral Accessories and Spring Beauty Trends

So, I did all these fun vids with Le Chateau and the last of 'em are up! (if you wanna see the rest of them you can head to the Le Chateau Blog:
Check it out:

It wasn't fun at all shooting these videos...cant you tell?! (It was the best, actually- chatting fashion and beauty all day with this brand?  I mean, c'mon! It doesn't get better!)